Your Tooth Pain May Be A Sign Of A Cavity Problem

A dental problem can leave you with a pain in your tooth that makes meal time less pleasant, or even a persistent discomfort that follows you throughout your day. What can this indicate? Your discomfort may be a warning that you have a cavity, one that is in serious need of restorative dental care. It is important to bring a possible oral health issue to your dentist’s attention. While our bodies can recover from many ailments with the proper time and rest, tooth problems can continue to worsen. It is possible for a cavity to kill a tooth, and for oral bacteria to spread from that tooth to your jawbone, and even to other teeth! Your dentist can provide the appropriate treatment, which will include providing you with a life-like restoration. (more…)

Addressing Orthodontic Troubles Without Metal Braces

Your dentist can provide modern orthodontic care with Invisalign, a popular alternative to metal braces. There are several reasons patients will express an interest in Invisalign aligners. One reason is simply that they can correct problems with crooked teeth without the use of conspicuous braces, which disrupt their smile. Inconspicuous orthodontic treatment can be a big benefit to image-conscious teenagers, and to adults who worry about how braces might make them appear less professional. Of course, there will also be the added benefit of having an orthodontic appliance you can remove, so you have an easier time cleaning your teeth, and a better experience eating. With Invisalign, you can make remarkable improvements to your smile, while also making it easier to keep your smile in good shape. (more…)

Selecting A Whitening Treatment That Fits Your Needs

When it comes to selecting the right approach to whitening your teeth, one important consideration is which approach best fits your needs. Will it be easier for you to make time to see your dentist for an in-office appointment, or should you pick up the materials you need to whiten your teeth at home? Both options can provide you with remarkable improvements. While store bought products tend to limit their effects to surface stains, a professional whitening treatment can have a deeper, more notable impact on your smile. With that said, your teeth whitening needs might require something other than a traditional whitening procedure. If you have issues with intrinsic discoloration, an alternative cosmetic dental procedure might be the most appropriate choice. (more…)

Make Sure You Enjoy Regular Oral Care From Your Dentist

When your smile is bright, and your teeth seem healthy, is there any reason to see your dentist? If you want to maintain your good oral health, you should definitely plan to continue attending regular dental exams. At these visits, your teeth are given expert care through a detailed cleaning, and a careful review. The goal of ongoing preventive dental care is to keep your smile free from problems. While you can effectively keep your teeth safe with an effective daily oral health care regimen, your best chance of avoiding problems like tooth decay and gum disease will be through a combination of at-home and professional support. (more…)

Providing Support For Your Tooth After A Cavity Treatment

By providing you with the appropriate restoration after a cavity treatment, your dentist ensures your tooth can still handle biting and chewing pressure, and that it is safe from infection. Our teeth need this kind of protection because a cavity’s harm is permanent. While a cut or broken bone can mend over time, your enamel is limited in its ability to recover from damage. Fortunately, modern restorative dental care can see to it that you have lasting support, and that your restoration blends in with your smile. Your dentist will either provide a dental filling, or a dental crown, based on how severely your tooth has been affected by a cavity. (more…)

Solving Periodontal Problems With A Scaling And Root Planing

By taking action against a periodontal infection, you can protect yourself from potentially serious oral health concerns. When it is allowed to progress to an advanced stage, gum disease can damage the tissues supporting your teeth, and potentially cause you to lose them. There are also signs that gum disease can impact your risk for other problems, like heart disease. A scaling and root planing can help you target, and treat, a periodontal infection. This procedure will guard you against the possibility of developing advanced gum disease by attacking bacteria under your gum line. The process also involves treating your teeth under the gum line to make you less susceptible to a future infection. While this is not needed during every routine dental visit, it can be recommended when you show signs of periodontal problems. (more…)

Clenching Your Teeth At Night Can Do Serious Dental Harm

While it can be common for people reflexively clench their jaw when they feel angry, or stressed, you may be in the habit of doing this while you sleep. This unconscious habit can leave you with sore teeth in the morning, as well as stiffness in your neck, jaw, and face. What you should know is this nighttime teeth grinding habit can also lead to serious dental harm. You may create enough force by clenching your jaw to seriously chip or crack teeth, making restorative dental work necessary. Even if you do not suffer a serious problem, you may create enough wear and tear to hurt your overall appearance. (more…)

Sleep Apnea Can Leave You Fighting Daily Fatigue

If you find yourself reaching for an extra cup of coffee to finish your work day, even if you enjoyed a full night’s rest, you may be dealing with sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is well-known for causing people to snore, but there are other warning signs you can recognize. Daily fatigue can occur because your body is failing to complete your sleep cycles. That will interfere with how rested you feel. People with sleep apnea can also find themselves struggling with irritability, and short-term memory struggles. Of course, there are also larger concerns due to sleep apnea’s ability to put you at risk for major health problems, like heart disease. (more…)

Quiz: Smart Smile Care On A Day-To-Day Basis

Routine visits to your dentist can give you access to superior smile care through a professional teeth cleaning, and a careful study of your oral health for signs of trouble. You should plan to attend a dental checkup every six months, but your oral health should be a priority every day. You should brush at least two times each day, and you should spend those sessions working to reach every part of your teeth. Of course, this is not all you need to do. You need to floss every day, even if you put real energy and effort into your brushing habits, and you need to make sure your diet is not putting your smile in unnecessary risk for tooth decay. (more…)