Sneaky Things You Should Know About Gingivitis

There are some very obvious things that you may already know about gingivitis. You know it’s not something you want to deal with, you know that it is often associated with symptoms like red and puffy gums, and you know that it is likely if you aren’t taking excellent care of your smile. However, there are also some somewhat sneaky things (those details that are easy to overlook) that can mean serious damage for your gum health! Good news: Our Overland Park, KS team is here to help with gum disease management.


Find Out What Porcelain Veneers Can Do To Improve Your Smile

What kind of changes can you realistically expect when you talk to your dentist about cosmetic dental work? If you are interested in addressing several flawed teeth, and keen to improve on the color of your smile, you may imagine you will need to undergo several dental treatments. Many patients are surprised to learn that porcelain veneers can offer a smile makeover by addressing multiple problems. Your Overland Park, KS dentist’s office can talk to you about using veneers to cover up the issues that currently make you feel uncomfortable with your appearance. With smart care after your procedure is concluded, you can enjoy those results for many years! (more…)

A Root Canal Can Safely Restore Your Problem Tooth

Daily tooth pain, sensitivity, and limited biting and chewing function can all point to a problem with a cavity. When tooth decay reaches the point of causing discomfort, you should make a trip to the dentist a priority, as you could have an infection within your tooth. To treat this problem, your Overland Park, KS dentist can perform a root canal treatment. They can make sure you are comfortable when you undergo this procedure, and provide you with dental sedation to help you stay relaxed. The root canal procedure provides an important defense against internal tooth infections, which can lead to further oral health problems, and tooth loss. (more…)

Quiz: What Kind Of Problems Can TMJ Dysfunction Cause?

If your oral health is affected by TMJ dysfunction, your daily life could be negatively impacted by frequent pain. A problem with your TMJ joints, or jaw joints, could be the result of many causes – stress, a physical injury, or arthritis in the joints are among the reasons people have this issue. You can be affected by difficulties in biting, chewing, and speaking, or experience regular pain in your face, neck, and head. TMJ dysfunction can also involve a habit of teeth grinding, which could cause dental damage your dentist has to address. Your Overland Park, KS dentist can recognize when TMJ dysfunction is affecting you, and they can work with you to relieve your discomfort. (more…)

Invisalign Can Address Your Problems With Crooked Teeth

If your crooked teeth make you uncomfortable with your smile, but feel distressed at the thought of having metal braces, you should talk with your Overland Park, KS dentist about Invisalign. With Invisalign, you can discreetly correct your alignment flaws with clear plastic aligners, instead of an affixed bracket-and-wire appliance. At the end of your treatment, you can show off a smile that is free of flaws caused by overlaps and spaces. You should know that in addition to affecting the way you look, crooked teeth may interfere with your bite function. This will raise your potential risk for issues that can lead to TMJ dysfunction, and may cause excessive wear and tear to accumulate on certain teeth. (more…)

Reviewing The Health Of Your Teeth And Gums During A Checkup

Taking great care of your smile on a daily basis will provide you with key support against oral health troubles. When you put time and effort into brushing and flossing effectively, you can remove oral bacteria and food particles that might cause damage to your smile. While this daily support is needed, it should not replace regular dental exams with your Overland Park, KS dentist. At these exams, your dentist can closely and thoroughly examine your teeth and gums. You also receive a professional teeth cleaning that can help you remove tartar, something that is not removable through your daily care. Patients who attend these visits are less likely to suffer advanced issues with tooth decay, or gum disease. (more…)

Quiz: Why You Need To Worry About Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea

During a routine dental visit, you might be surprised at how many issues your Overland Park, KS dentist can address. Beyond focusing on the health of your teeth, and your gums, your dentist can also help with matters that affect your ability to sleep. If you experience chronic fatigue, have trouble concentrating throughout the day, and habitually snore, you should say so during a checkup. These problems are all symptoms a person can have if they are dealing with sleep apnea. When left untreated, sleep apnea can put you at risk for issues that affect your blood pressure, and other ongoing health troubles you may have. A custom appliance can be made to help you recover from sleep apnea. This oral insert can also be used to help you stop snoring at night. (more…)

Managing Dental Anxieties During Restorative Work

When a dental problem affects your smile, your Overland Park, KS dentist can provide restorative dental care that fully addresses the matter. The goal during any procedure that addresses something like tooth decay, or physical harm to a tooth, is to put a stop to discomfort, and make sure the tooth has lasting support. With that said, your dentist is also committed to providing a modern approach to care that takes a patient’s comfort into consideration. If you suffer from dental anxiety, the idea of being comfortable in the dentist’s chair may seem far-fetched. What you should know is that through sedation dentistry, you can feel at ease during a procedure. Dental sedation through nitrous oxide, or an oral sedative, can make a significant difference to someone who struggles with anxiety. (more…)

Show Off A Stunning Smile Thanks To Porcelain Veneers

Is one cosmetic dental procedure really enough to transform your smile? When you have porcelain veneers placed, you can cover up many different concerns, and make a remarkable improvement to how you look. Your veneers can be designed and placed over the span of just two appointments. Your first appointment is concentrated on preparatory work. This is an important step, as it involves taking measurements of your teeth – to look their best, veneers need to be a custom fit. Once your veneers are ready, they can be permanently bonded to your teeth. The reason so many people elect to have veneers placed is that they can hide many different problems. Your smile will look brighter, healthier, and more uniform once this cosmetic procedure is complete. (more…)

Stop Periodontal Problems Before Your Condition Worsens

When a person fails to take care of a periodontal problem in time, their condition will grow worse. Unfortunately, advanced gum disease can serve as a difficult threat to your oral health. One problem this condition causes is a heightened chance of tooth loss – complications from gum disease lead all other causes for adult tooth loss. Your periodontal troubles can start when a buildup of plaque and tartar at your gum line allow for an infection of these tissues. When the problem is identified by your dentist, they can perform an ultrasonic scaling and root planing. For those people whose problems are caught in time, this can reverse their condition. If your problems are more advanced, this can be the first step in a plan to provide ongoing support for your periodontal issues. (more…)