Wearing Down Your Teeth: The Dangers of Bruxism

Your teeth are the most-often used parts of your body. Most of their function involves biting and grinding your food so you can process it, which requires an immense amount of pressure from your jaw muscles. When healthy, your teeth are strong enough to withstand that pressure easily – unless there’s nothing between them, and they’re forced to grind against each other. Bruxism, or chronic teeth-grinding, can occur for a variety of reasons. What’s common, though, is the risk to your oral health if you allow the condition to keep wearing down your healthy tooth structure. (more…)

We Can Offer A Whitening Treatment That Fits Your Schedule

When people think about cosmetic dental work, they can accurately anticipate that care will provide a significant smile improvement. What they might not realize is that their care can be surprisingly easy to plan, and easy to work into a busy schedule. At our Overland Park, KS dental office, we can help you see improvements in your smile in less time than you might expect. When it comes to making a person’s teeth whiter, we actually have multiple options for care that you can rely on. We can make your smile noticeably brighter after a one-visit procedure, or we can send you home with a whitening kit so that you can address teeth stains at your convenience. (more…)

Why Managing Your Gum Disease Matters

For most of your life, taking good care of your oral health means preventing chronic concerns that could affect it. Gum disease is one of the most common of these concerns, and if it does develop, it can feel like you lost the battle to preserve your smile. However, the good news is that you still have time to save your smile from some of the most destructive consequences of gum disease. At our Overland Park, KS, dental office, we can perform custom gum disease management to help you effectively control gum disease and preserve your healthy smile for life. (more…)

Your Dental Checkups And Cleanings: 4 Key Benefits! 

It’s not something that’s a new idea to you: The fact that our Overland Park, KS team thinks you should definitely come in two times each year to see us for a dental cleaning and checkup! You’re fully aware that we promote this plan, in addition to the suggestion that you are brushing and flossing every single day at home and that you’re doing a fantastic job. However, this may still cause you to wonder about the details: Are these professional preventive visits worth it and necessary? Indeed, they are. Allow some key benefits to speak for themselves!


I Need An Oral Appliance? What’s It For?

If you’re a bit new to the world of oral appliance therapy, then you may hear this term and wonder what it’s all about. Is it possible that you might need such a device in order to keep your oral health in wonderful condition? In a nutshell, this appliance is also known as a mouthguard (or a nightguard, if worn during sleep) and is probably what you’re imagining! It is some version of a soft guard in which your teeth comfortably rest. Depending on the functional concern you’re facing or the protection you require, you may receive one of a variety of custom-crafted options. As for the why behind this type of treatment, our Overland Park, KS team removes the mystery with pertinent particulars.


Invisalign Treatment: Ways You Didn’t Know It Could Help!

You know that when you say yes to Invisalign treatment, what you’re really saying yes to is aligning a smile that is not as straight as it could be. Do you also realize that this means improving a bite that’s not as balanced as it should be? Of course, the thought of achieving a smile that looks exceptional is something that will put a smile on any patient’s face! With that said, our Overland Park, KS team reminds you that you’re also in for a list of additional benefits, not only for the esthetics of your smile but for your oral health, too, when you choose alignment! Learn more.


What You Cannot Do (But Cosmetic Care Can)

There are, of course, lots of things you can do on your own. You can take care of your teeth and gums, you can brush, you can floss, you may rinse and protect your smile. However, when the world of DIY (do it yourself) starts to trickle over into your thoughts on dental care, unless it’s something that we have specifically recommended, it’s probably not something you can do for yourself. Or, it’s something you shouldn’t attempt because you will either end up with lackluster results or damaged oral health! The happy news in this scenario? Our Overland Park, KS team’s cosmetic care will help you with anything you wish to improve! Learn more.


Smile Discoloration: Stain Removal To Avoid (And To Select)! 

When you notice that your smile looks yellow in a photo, when you’ve been dealing with discoloration for a long time, or when any other motivating factor comes into play, you may suddenly find yourself very serious about removing stains. This can be a very good thing if you decide to follow through with responsible, safe, and effective treatment! Then again, it can become something that guides your smile toward damage, if you rely on a method that isn’t something our Overland Park, KS team would suggest. It may seem like complicated territory but the truth is: It’s extremely easy to choose a wonderful approach toward a whiter smile. Learn more!


Autumn And All Things Pumpkin: Smile Win Or Smile Fail?

The second there’s even the hint that autumn is soon to arrive, you see pumpkin everything and you see it everywhere. You know that as a whole food, a pumpkin is packed full of good-for-you stuff and that it becomes part of many fall dishes. However, how does one determine the difference between things that taste like pumpkin, foods that include real pumpkin, and what’s actually safe for smile health (and what isn’t)? Fortunately, our Overland Park, KS team can offer quick, easy enlightenment in terms of making pumpkin a smile win (or fail) this season!


Smile Spaces: Big Deal Or Minor Concern?

Some people have spaces in their smiles. Sometimes, it’s one big gap, lots of little spaces, a single space, and the list goes on. Of course, as you know, everyone is unique and every smile is different. So, whether or not smile spaces are a big deal for you (or not) depends highly on exactly what you’re experiencing and how it’s impacting you. With that said, we invite you to come in for a visit with our Overland Park, KS team if you have questions or concerns! As for general information that will certainly help you decide whether you may want to fill smile gaps, let’s get started!