4 Simple Suggestions For Dental Visit Prep!

When you check your calendar and realize a dental visit is just around the corner, how do you feel? If you feel completely at ease, then we are happy to hear it! If you feel some butterflies fluttering about in your stomach, to this our Overland Park KS team says: Do not worry! This is perfectly normal. Fortunately, for all types of responses to a visit that’s on the horizon, we have some simple preparatory suggestions that will ensure you arrive feeling relaxed and ready for that dental care you need!


Guilt And Your Smile: We Strongly Suggest Shifting Your Perspective!

When you are feeling guilty about something related to your smile, you can find that you end up feeling quite blue. You may feel embarrassed, upset with yourself, or you may even feel like a failure! Trust us when we say, we understand this emotion popping up as one of your primary responses to realizing you have decay, an infection, or serious damage that will require dental care beyond the usual brushing, flossing, checkups, and cleanings that you always require. We know that it’s natural to have such a response but our Overland Park, KS team also wants you to remember that it’s entirely up to you as to how you handle your emotions from here on out. Learn more!


What Swelling Might Be Telling You

While the tissues in your smile cannot actually talk to you, sometimes the changes that affect them are speaking loud and clear! It’s just a matter of being able to decode the details. Today, our Overland Park, KS team talks about what the swelling in your mouth may be telling you. In short, it’s always best to schedule a visit with us for inflammation, so we may ensure your oral health is A-OK (or, so we may provide a dental care service to get it back on track). Find out more!


Reminding You About Our Complete Restorative Care

Where do you turn and what should you do when something is wrong with your oral health? The answer to this question that can affect you at any part of your life is to see our Overland Park, KS dental team for restorative care. Not quite sure what this entails but you are pleased to know that there is a way to address issues as they appear, so you can always steer your smile back on the road of success? Wonderful. Now, to become more familiar with what the world of restorations is all about, we happily break down the treatments we provide!


Significant Reminders: Avoiding Stained Invisalign Trays!

One of the most exciting and beloved benefits of using Invisalign treatment: The aligner trays are clear, which means most people won’t actually notice that you’re straightening your smile. This is a far cry from what your smile might look like if it were to be treated with the wires and the brackets that come with metal braces. So, the goal is to keep your trays looking invisible. How to do so? Avoiding stains, of course. The good news is that this is very easy when you follow our Overland Park, KS team’s guidelines. The bad news is that if you don’t pay close attention, you may end up with yellowed or damaged trays. Enjoy some helpful reminders, so you enjoy every last benefit!


Stress Relief: Veneers Are Surprisingly Easy To Maintain!

Are you excited when you think about receiving porcelain veneers for your smile? Is this feeling almost instantly overshadowed by a storm cloud that hovers when you realize veneers are probably fragile and hard to keep looking lovely? Amazing news: Our Overland Park, KS team reminds you that veneers are actually very easy to keep up and are much more resilient than you probably imagine they are. Step through some fantastic benefits regarding veneer maintenance with us and you will quickly discover your initial plans to choose them may have been wiser than you know!


What Could Invisalign® Be Worth to You?

Many older teen and adult patients with crooked teeth weigh their desire for a straighter smile with the considerations that come with wearing orthodontic braces. The brackets and wires that are bonded to their teeth can dramatically impact their smile’s appearance, as well as make everyday tasks like eating and practicing dental hygiene more challenging. Fortunately, patients in Overland Park, KS, have a more discreet and convenient alternative in the form of Invisalign® clear aligners, which helps them achieve the straighter smiles they deserve without the hassle. (more…)

A Brighter Smile Can Help You Boost Your Confidence In 2019

What steps can you take to make 2019 even better than the past year? If you want to enjoy more confidence, and more comfort in social and professional settings, you may want to ask your Overland Park, KS dentist about cosmetic dental work. The right cosmetic procedure can take care of troubling smiling issues you have longed to address. Your work can result in improvements around the shape of teeth, discoloration, and signs of damage. Because there are procedures capable of hiding multiple flaws, you can see a real esthetic transformation with less effort than you may expect! (more…)

Dental Hygiene: If It Hurts, Come See Us

There are times when you’ll experience some sort of smile pain that won’t surprise you. Your tooth that has a cavity in it and it may feel uncomfortable. You may bite your tongue and expect it to hurt! Gingivitis may make your gums sore. However, there are some oral health related things that should never hurt. One of them includes your dental hygiene. If you’re brushing or flossing to care for your smile, it should feel perfectly fine. However, if you notice that your sensations change or that you feel any type of discomfort, it is time to come in to see our Overland Park, KS team immediately! Learn more.


Bruxism: 3 Ways To Find It

Not sure what bruxism disorder is but you know it’s not a good thing for your oral health? In addition to the fact that this is new to you, it’s also possible that you haven’t noticed it’s affecting your oral health because it can become an issue that lies just beneath the radar. To begin, realize that when we discuss bruxism, we are talking about teeth grinding or teeth clenching that will happen chronically but you’re doing it involuntarily. Long story short: You might not have any idea it’s happening. “So how will I ever discover it?” you may ask. That is just what our Overland Park, KS team would like to further explain to you!