Bruxism / TMJ Treatment

Your smile may be the centerpiece of your confidence, but it also goes through a lot of stress every day. For some people, that stress is intensified by chronic teeth-grinding (bruxism) or by the overexertion of their temporomandibular joints (TMJs). Bruxism and TMJ disorder are common conditions that not only affect how your bite functions, but can also lead to increasingly worse dental discomfort, even if you consistently practice good hygiene and preventive dental care. To correct the problem and improve your dentition, Dr. Cook may be able to custom-design an oral appliance that relieves pressure on your jaw joints and/or protects your teeth from grinding against each other. You can wear the appliance at night while you sleep, allowing you to rest more comfortably, as well.

Bite Complications

If you suffer from bruxism, then you may be more likely to grind your teeth at night and therefore be unable to detect it. Dr. Cook may notice signs of tooth wear related to bruxism during your regular dental checkup and recommend an oral appliance to protect your teeth from bruxism-related damage.

By contrast, TMJ disorder can make moving your jaw painful and difficult due to jaw joint damage. However, the resulting headaches, muscle stiffness, and other symptoms are also related to other conditions, and many people don’t realize that their discomfort is caused by TMJ disorder. During your exam, Dr. Cook can analyze your bite alignment and other factors to determine if you need an appliance to help your jaw joints rest more comfortably.

Relieve Bruxism/TMJ Discomfort

If you suffer from tooth damage or jaw discomfort, find out if bruxism or TMJ treatment can restore your bite and relieve the pain. To schedule a consultation and examination, call Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS, today at 913-381-2600.