Month: September 2022

How Does Fluoride Repair Enamel?

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Most people have heard of the material fluoride in some form or fashion. But they may not know much about it besides hearing the name, or the knowledge that it is around us to help our oral health. In actuality, the use of fluoride has transformed our ability to keep and maintain our natural teeth…. Read more »

Renew Your Confidence With Invisalign®

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For people with alignment concerns, the idea of having cumbersome, bulky braces for months on end may not seem all too appealing. Fortunately, the development of clear aligner technology has led to a solution that allows you to readjust the location of your teeth without anyone else even knowing! Invisalign® treatment is the industry standard… Read more »

The Wonder of Osseointegration

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Our understanding of the mouth has led to wondrous advancement in the field of dental implants. A lot of this has hinged upon the development of a process known as osseointegration. Essentially, this is the ability of the body to grow bone alongside artificial material as if it were its own. This happens extremely well… Read more »

Protect Your Baby’s Smile


For people who have just had their first child, they may not be aware of the need to maintain their child’s oral health. After all, there are a lot of contributing factors that only occur in the mouths of children. For instance, an infant’s inability to swallow all excess milk can leave the substance growing… Read more »