Tooth Fillings

Tooth decay can occur even if you diligently brush and floss your teeth and, unfortunately, the cavity caused by decay will continue to grow until you treat it. The good news is that cavities are usually easy to detect given the fact they cause increasing tooth discomfort. More good news is that Dr. Cook can often treat a cavity with a discreet, biocompatible tooth-colored filling. Made from custom-tinted composite resin, a tooth-colored filling will blend in with the tooth structure around it. A resin filling will also bond more securely to your tooth, creating a more effective restorative solution for saving your tooth.

While many people have saved their teeth using more traditional metal fillings, the composite resin we use is safer and more compatible with your tooth structure. In addition to remaining nearly invisible, the resin will also reduce your risks of needing more restorative treatment in the future, such as root canal treatment, due to a failed filling.

Benefit from a Tooth-Colored Filling

If you have a cavity, find out why a tooth-colored filling may be the most beneficial solution. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Cook, call Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS, today at 913-381-2600.