Month: May 2022

Your Oral Health Impacts Your Heart

Heart Overland Park KS

Sometimes, people view their dental health as primarily cosmetic. Certainly, a perfect, pretty smile would be fantastic. But if it’s not perfect, that’s alright (in their mind). If they are able to hide a problem, then maybe it doesn’t matter. They do this with a different smile or a different manner of speech. And some… Read more »

Night Guards Could Save You A Headache

Mouthguard OP KS

Many people clench their jaw regularly, or chew their cheeks from time to time. But this unconscious action can cause major issues with the teeth and even the jaw.. Bruxism, the medical term for persistent teeth grinding, can alter the shape of the teeth or even how they sit within the mouth. If left untreated,… Read more »

Protect Your Pregnant Smile

Pregnant smile Overland Park KS

When you’re pregnant, it seems that every aspect of your life is somehow affected by your body’s change. Well, your mouth is no exception, and many women fall victim to neglect of their oral health. Today, your Overland Park KS dentist writes on how best to care for your mouth during pregnancy, both for beauty… Read more »