Nearly Invisible Correction With Invisalign®

Smile OPKSAlignment issues can lead to serious imbalance in the use of the structures of the mouth. When our teeth are not in a healthy location, certain areas can experience overuse. The additional strain on the enamel may lead to a condition known as dental erosion. This is the wear of the durable exterior of the tooth and it can lead to dangerous infection.

Another health concern related to alignment is the development of tooth decay. When parts of our smile overlap, the areas can be especially prone to the buildup of bacterial colonies. This situation creates locations that may be difficult or impossible to fully clean. Daily oral hygiene maintenance is crucial to the lasting vigor of your bite. Your alignment may be preventing you from being able to appropriately remove foreign organisms before they cause lasting enamel damage that may require a filling or a root canal. Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS proudly brings you Invisalign® treatment therapy to help you make a lasting positive change in your alignment! (more…)

Treat Tooth Decay Early

Decay OPKSThe immune system constantly battles foreign bacteria, which can thrive on the remnants of food that can tuck into the recesses of the mouth. When an infection continues over a period of time, it can lead to a loss of the enamel at the location of these colonies. These bacteria create highly acidic waste that directly causes tooth decay, and can lead to major concerns!

Your Overland Park, KS dental office is dedicated to keeping you and your family’s smile safe. Tooth decay can cause a weakening of your immunological defenses and leave you at risk of harm, so take it seriously! Protect your enamel to keep your smile safe from infection and erosion this holiday season through healthy prevention and treatment of decay. (more…)

Strengthen Your Rest, Treat Your Smile

Sleep OPKSSleep disorders are incredibly common in the United States. While people may know the symptoms of problems with their rest, they might not be aware of a common cause. Our jaws can become our own worst enemy overnight, if left to their own devices. Or perhaps you feel that your issue is only minor, and maybe you can just push through the drawbacks.

But two of the most common issues related to sleep center around your oral health. The first comes with a condition called bruxism, or the gnashing and clenching of the teeth. This grinding can lead to dental erosion, putting your smile at serious risk of infection or alignment concerns. Another common disorder overnight lies in sleep apnea. This is the activity of pausing breath while asleep and it can be dangerous to your longterm health. Today, your Overland Park, KS dentist stresses the importance of caring for your sleep, and how your oral health might be to blame! (more…)

Smile Safety When Sick

Sick OPKSThis time of year can be particularly dangerous in regard to our health. Frequent winter viruses such as the flu and the common cold are much more present during this time, for a variety of reasons. We are spending much more time indoors, huddled close to each other. Winter is simply a much more contained time. In addition to that, the holidays can lead to more people visiting each other from different areas. This connection is prime transmission material for these viruses.

When you become sick, your oral health can take a serious step back. It’s hard to get out of bed to take care of your routine maintenance when you are tired and trying to rest as much as possible. Not only that, but your immune system is busy focusing on this infection. You might not have the resources to keep your mouth fighting the constant risk of bacterial growth. Today, your Overland Park, KS dentist givs you some tips on how to keep your oral health strong while sick, and how to best void contracting these viruses to begin with! (more…)

Sensitivity Can Be A Sign Of More

Cold OPKSHere in the Kansas City area, this time of year can be a struggle for some. The beautiful fall weather is now turning to a deeper cold that will last through to the spring. For many patients, they begin to notice their tooth sensitivity concern when they first breathe in that crisp winter air. But the underlying cause might still seem a mystery!

It is important to identify what is causing your issue, as many differing forms of damage can leave your smile with serious discomfort. The most common cause is through the weakening of or damage to the enamel, or the hard exterior surface of the tooth. When this occurs, the vulnerable inner materials underneath become more susceptible to bacterial infection. Exposed nerves might also become irritated when coming into contact with the cold. Today, your Overland Park, KS dentist explains just some of the common causes of dental sensitivity, and what we can do to get you feeling better! (more…)

A Smile With Grace And Durability

Ice OPKSMany people look to the versatile benefits that can come alongside a porcelain veneer procedure. This surgical process is the placement of sturdy, functional caps onto your existing enamel. A wide variety of forms of tooth damage can use this as a remedy, as well. Even with significantly broken structures, a trained oral health care professional can build up a suitable base through bonding techniques.

Whether you are looking toward the repair of a single tooth or a refresh on worn or misshapen ones, this procedure has the possibility of giving you a beautiful smile. These prosthetics are designed to last you decades with proper maintenance, and the material is around the same durability as our natural enamel. Today, your Overland Park, KS dentist illustrates how porcelain veneers might be a fantastic solution for lifting your smile to its highest peak! (more…)

It’s Time For A Cleaning And Examination

Family OPKSFor many people, scheduling a dental appointment can be a significant mental hurdle. While we all know in theory that oral health maintenance is important, we lack the ability to follow through on the practice. But before you reschedule your routine checkup and cleaning, take a second thought!

Our home oral hygiene routine is obviously vital in keeping our smile looking as good as it possibly can be. But the added value of a dentist’s eye and experience can help to spot issues before they cause significant damage. Preventive care can be very effective, and help you to keep as much of your biological material as you can. So today, your Overland Park, KS dentist stresses the need to come into the office, and how a rigorous schedule can help you build healthy oral health habits in all aspects of your life! (more…)

The Smile You Deserve

Chicken OPKSThe simple fact of oral health is that nobody is born with the perfect smile. Some situations are more or less healthy, but nobody has a red carpet smile from birth. This is important in setting expectations in what is possible and what is not. Orthodontics can move around the existing structures of the mouth. But if the shape of the tooth is undesirable, a different solution will be required to address this

But some simple procedures can give you much in the way of flexibility in getting you to the place where you feel proud of your smile. One of these that is incredibly helpful at covering up multiple concerns simultaneously is the use of porcelain veneers. These durable ceramic caps can be very helpful in alleviating alignment concerns, and also can reshape and even out your enamel. Today, your Overland Park, KS dentist writes on how this technology came to be, and how oral health professionals use them to give patients the smiles of their dreams! (more…)

Implant Support In A Whole Mouth Solution

Senior OPKSFor people who are looking for a full replacement of their teeth, they may have some negative opinions of dentures. While their natural smile is failing, they do not want to deal with all of the hassle. And it signifies an age, so patients will put off their replacement, struggling with function and appearance.

But through the use of implant posts, a dental revolution is occurring. All-On-4® dentures use the structure that comes with titanium posts to hold a replacement prosthetic. Gone are the days of messy adhesives! These connect securely rather than relying on a glue or a tape. Today, your Overland Park, KS dentist breaks down some of the benefits that come with implant-supported dentures! (more…)

Treating Periodontal Disease

Perio OPKSIssues with gum infection and inflammation are incredibly common, but still bring a sharp stigma. In order to avoid seeking care, many people will change the way they speak or eat simply in order to hide their smile. But over 40% of Americans over the age of 30 have some form of periodontal disease, or the term for this condition.

Our periodontal tissue helps to protect our mouths, and when they are weakened, our overall health can suffer significantly. When the gums pull back and expose the root, your tooth may become infected as well. This ultimately leads to a root canal or even an extraction. Today, your Overland Park, KS dentist writes on some of the ways we can treat this once it has started, and how best to avoid it to begin with! (more…)