Tooth Extraction

Usually, your dentist’s goal is to help you avoid tooth loss. But if your tooth has become so severely damaged, infected, or impacted, then extracting it may be your only option. Dr. Cook only recommends tooth extraction when absolutely necessary, and will likely suggest replacing the tooth afterward to restore the balance and function of your bite. If you qualify, a dental implant may be the optimal solution. An implant replaces the root which helps preserve the strength and integrity of your jawbone for better oral health in the long run.

Along with extremely damaged teeth and teeth that are severely infected with decay, impacted wisdom teeth are among the most commonly extracted teeth. When third molars develop, they often have little room to do so properly and become impacted by the molars already present. Extracting an impacted wisdom tooth is the only way to alleviate the discomfort, and unlike other teeth, they don’t have to be replaced.

Find Out if Your Tooth Needs Extraction

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