Month: January 2020

When You’re Most At-Risk for Gum Disease

Gum disease is one of the most frequently diagnosed oral health issues, and for people who allow it to become severe, it’s also one of the biggest risks for tooth loss. However, not having gum disease doesn’t mean you won’t lose a tooth, and having it doesn’t necessarily mean you will. At our Overland Park,… Read more »

Benefiting from All-on-4® Implant Dentures

Losing most or all of the teeth on your dental ridge is a big deal. It doesn’t just affect your smile’s appearance, but also almost every other aspect of your oral health and bite function. For most people who experience it, the best way to address the concerns of significant tooth loss is to replace… Read more »

How Losing Teeth Affects Your Smile Long-Term

Several different concerns can stem from losing one or more teeth, from the way it makes your smile look to the way it causes other parts of your smile to react. Some of the effects are obvious, but not all of them are, at least at first. However, you can address most or all of… Read more »

A Look at How Implants Restore Your Smile

Tooth loss can be one of the more visibly noticeable conditions to affect your smile, and it can also have serious, negative effects on several aspects of your oral health. To address these concerns, the best thing you can do after experiencing tooth loss is to receive a custom, lifelike replacement for them. In many… Read more »

What Matters Most When You Need Tooth Extraction

The fact that you need tooth extraction can seem like the most important thing about your current dental health in and of itself. The procedure involves removing a natural tooth, which is usually the opposite of what your dental health care focuses on. However, when it becomes necessary, there are many different things to consider… Read more »