To Try An Electric Toothbrush…Or To Forget About It?

Should you be rushing out to pick up an electric toothbrush to use as an integral part of your daily dental hygiene, you wonder? Or, is this one of those things you hear about and should forget about because your usual trusty toothbrush is A-OK? Since it’s always reassuring (if not the best choice) to speak with our Overland Park, KS team about such uncertainties, we are thrilled to be of help! Let us cover some of the details regarding why choosing an electric brush for your oral health protection at home is actually completely up to you!

What’s Different About Electric Brushes

Talk with us during your next dental checkup if you have questions about the dental hygiene products you’re using! We will be more than glad to help direct you toward good choices. For now, let’s talk about what makes electric toothbrushes different for your oral health than manual brushes, so you can consider whether it might be something you would like to try:

  • They create thousands of strokes every minute, while you create only hundreds with your manual toothbrush
  • Electric brushes provide the strokes for you, which is often easier on your fingers, hands, and arms

Why They’re Actually Good For Your Smile

You may worry that an electric toothbrush isn’t a very good idea for a dental hygiene product that you use on a daily basis because they seem so strong. It’s true that they are powerful in the benefits that they provide. However, those over-the-top vibrations you may assume they create are actually quite gentle and very effective in cleansing your teeth. It’s easier to avoid problems like gum recession and eroded dental tissue when you rely on an electric brush because you know it’s removing plaque. You can gently hold the brush against your smile, guide it to ensure thorough cleansing, and all without feeling the urge to be aggressive with your care.

As for using a manual brush, it can become much easier to feel the need to overdo it with the pressure you apply, which leads quickly to the aforementioned oral health problems. If you’re often heavy-handed with a manual brush, then this might be a wonderful option for you. If you’d simply like to try one, go right ahead! However, if you like your usual manual brush, it works well for your smile, and you’re doing just fine avoiding things like decay, then we support you in your decision to stick with it.

See Us For Your Dental Hygiene Questions

When you have inquiries regarding the care you give your smile at home, we are always open to helping you out with the information and advice you need! We can help you get your oral health in good shape when you schedule an examination. Call Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS, today at 913-381-2600.