What Your Gums Are Trying To Tell You!

While it’s true (and somewhat unfortunate) that your gum tissue cannot speak to you, sometimes it can “tell” you things when you pay close attention. When you begin noticing any sort of change, whether inflammation or other sudden transformations occur, it’s something that you should certainly consider. Usually, new symptoms mean some gum health problem that should be seen by our Overland Park, KS team. The good news is that we can help you fix it!

If They’re Bleeding

When your gums are bleeding, they’re telling you that something is wrong with your oral health. It could be a gum health problem like gingivitis. You could have accidentally cut your gum tissue with something sharp like a utensil or a chip! In any case, if it’s something that you cannot immediately explain away or that you are certain does not require care, it’s time to give us a call. Remember, it can seem a bit scary to see blood in the sink but in most instances, this is simply a symptom that will go away quickly once you receive treatment!

If They’re Bright Red Or Purple

If your gum tissue has changed color, this is usually a surefire way to detect gum disease, which might mean that you’re dealing with the initial stage called gingivitis or that things have already moved further on. When we’re talking about your gum health, one thing you should always remember is that urgency is key! Don’t wait when you see a color change. Instead, call our team ASAP, so we can make things better.

If They’re Tender

If you’re experiencing allover gum tenderness, it’s possible that you are experiencing gingivitis or that you have been brushing far too hard. If you notice that one spot on your gums feels quite uncomfortable or you notice that there’s a bump that comes and goes and that resembles a pimple, this could be a sign of an underlying infection affecting your tooth (which is dangerous and requires immediate care!). Don’t ignore any type of discomfort. Soreness, achiness, tenderness, sharp pain, dull pain, and more all mean that it’s time for a dental checkup!

See Us As Soon As You Can When Gum Symptoms Appear

Come in soon if you notice changes with your gum health, so we may help! We can help you get your oral health back in good shape when you schedule an examination. Call Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS, today at 913-381-2600.