Month: October 2018

How To Avoid Smile Disasters This Holiday Season

We are officially entering the holiday season. Halloween is coming, then Thanksgiving, and it just keeps on going until, well … until it’s a completely new year. Of course, this is very exciting and it’s a time of year that’s full of joy, love, fun, and even gifts! While you may think you’ve got everything… Read more »

3 Halloween Hazards To Avoid This Year!

Yes, of course, you already know that if you’re going to dive into a mountain of candy this Halloween, gobbling up every last delicious morsel you can find, this isn’t necessarily going to be a good choice for your smile. However, you are also aware that you can rinse and brush and that this one… Read more »

To Try An Electric Toothbrush…Or To Forget About It?

Should you be rushing out to pick up an electric toothbrush to use as an integral part of your daily dental hygiene, you wonder? Or, is this one of those things you hear about and should forget about because your usual trusty toothbrush is A-OK? Since it’s always reassuring (if not the best choice) to… Read more »

What Your Gums Are Trying To Tell You!

While it’s true (and somewhat unfortunate) that your gum tissue cannot speak to you, sometimes it can “tell” you things when you pay close attention. When you begin noticing any sort of change, whether inflammation or other sudden transformations occur, it’s something that you should certainly consider. Usually, new symptoms mean some gum health problem… Read more »