Month: May 2018

How Long Can I Wait Before Having My Cavity Treated?

Do you need to seek immediate help with a cavity, or can you hold off on treatment? When it comes to restorative dental work, you should understand that putting off care can put you at risk for developing worrying complications. If you have your cavity treated promptly, your dentist may determine that only a dental… Read more »

How Invisalign Can Help You With Cosmetic Smile Issues

Cosmetic problems caused by poor dental alignment can leave people frustrated, and worried that the only way to make meaningful changes will be with metal braces. While these traditional braces can be necessary in some cases, many people who want to make cosmetic improvements can find that Invisalign can take care of their alignment concerns…. Read more »

Addressing TMJ Problems And Teeth Grinding

Problems with your jaw joints can lead to issues with your dental function, and several types of frustrating aches and pains. In some cases, patients fail to realize that their discomfort can be connected back to an oral health issue at all. If you have issues with chronic headaches, facial pain or sensitivity, or regular… Read more »

Quiz: Preventive Care Provided Through Dental Checkups

When you visit the dentist’s office for routine evaluations, you are giving your smile important support to help it stay in great shape over the years. These routine visits are valuable even for patients who make a point of practicing great oral care at home. When you see your hygienist, they provide your teeth with… Read more »

Sleep Apnea Can Leave You Vulnerable To Serious Health Risks

How is sleep apnea likely to affect someone? If you or your loved one is dealing with this problem, your immediate concern may be with snoring, but there are other effects that can lead to worrying health issues. Because sleep apnea interferes with your sleep cycle, you are being robbed of the many health benefits… Read more »