Month: December 2019

How Dental Fears Harm Your Smile

It’s not always easy to do what you know is best for you. Take visiting the dentist, for example. There are people who put off needed dental work, as well as preventive visits for checkups and cleanings, because going to the dentist causes anxiety. It is good to know, then, that your Overland Park, KS… Read more »

A Root Canal Treatment Isn’t As Scary As It Sounds

People often imagine root canals as painful procedures, both physically and on their pocketbook. And when you learn that you need root canal treatment, you may want to know what to expect during the procedure and what the recovery is like. Sure, a root canal probably isn’t high on your list of preferred things to… Read more »

When Your Snoring Means You Have Sleep Apnea

Snoring every night can come with its own set of unique problems. You might constantly wake up your sleeping partner, leading to tension and arguments when you aren’t sleeping. It might also impact your cardiovascular health to some degree if it happens often enough. For some people, chronic snoring is even more troublesome than that… Read more »

Wearing Down Your Teeth: The Dangers of Bruxism

Your teeth are the most-often used parts of your body. Most of their function involves biting and grinding your food so you can process it, which requires an immense amount of pressure from your jaw muscles. When healthy, your teeth are strong enough to withstand that pressure easily – unless there’s nothing between them, and… Read more »