Month: March 2019

Your Quick Review: Stopping Tooth Decay In Its Tracks

You don’t want to deal with tooth decay, which is true of every single patient we see at our Overland Park, KS practice. However, you may recognize that as much as you try to be a good dental patient, you still deal with decay, you still wonder about how to prevent it, you’re not so… Read more »

Questions You’re Too Shy To Ask About Flossing!

On one hand, your daily dental hygiene may seem as simple as can be. However, the moment you run into a sudden question (that feels more like an obstacle), you may start to worry that caring for your smile is more complex than you imagined. Here’s what our Overland Park, KS team would love for… Read more »

Why Bother to Brush? Some Easy Answers!

If you have spent much time around teens, as we have in our Overland, KS family dental practice, you know you hear a lot of “Why” questions. It’s great to have curious minds, and experts recommend that teenagers see their dentists at least twice a year, just as adults would. They can get thorough exams… Read more »

Invisalign: The Reasons You Worry It’s Not For You

While there’s nothing you dislike about Invisalign treatment from what you have heard so far, you don’t come in to discuss it with us (or bring it up during checkups) because you just figure it’s not for you. Since you’re worried about the particulars, you’d rather not get your hopes up and find out once… Read more »