Month: April 2019

Your Snoring Or Sleep Apnea: Why Your Loved One Is So Concerned

You may have begun to notice that your loved one is becoming increasingly concerned about your snoring or sleep apnea. While you may not know which one is affecting you, it has become quite clear that your nightly concert of loud noises emanating from your throat are in no way considered endearing but have possibly… Read more »

Dental Care: The Layers And Steps Of Protection!

When you want your smile to be healthy, which is pretty much a shared sentiment amongst everyone, you want to do your best to keep your life as easy as possible. You want healthy teeth, healthy gums, a beautiful smile, and all without dealing with damage (if you can help it). How to attain this,… Read more »

Your Very Easy Pathway Toward A White, Dreamy Smile

What you want, of course, is likely similar to what many of our Overland Park, KS patients want. You want to say goodbye to the staining that is putting a serious storm cloud over your smile, causing it to look drab, sad, dingy, yellow, etc. Fortunately, though you may feel this is a tall order,… Read more »

Less Obvious Signs You Need Smile Repairs

When you have an extremely severe toothache or you bite into something and feel your tooth break, you have no question: It’s time for restorative care from our Overland Park, KS team. However, things are not always quite so obvious when it comes to your smile requiring repairs. You may notice that sometimes, you feel… Read more »