Month: September 2017

The Important Care You Receive During Regular Dental Exams

Keeping your smile healthy means more than just brushing your teeth (though that is certainly important). Your responsibilities should also include making smart diet choices, and flossing regularly. Of course, these are just the steps you take when it comes to daily care. To fully protect your oral health, make sure you combine smart daily… Read more »

Is This The Right Time For You To Receive Porcelain Veneers?

Are you worried about an upcoming event? Looking for a confidence boost as you return to the dating scene, or in advance of an important job interview? Life events can motivate some people to finally take action and seek out cosmetic treatment to address smile problems that have bothered them. Many people who are looking… Read more »

Better Care For Anxious Patients With Dental Sedation

Patients who suffer from dental anxiety can face frustrating obstacles that keep them from the oral care they need. After all, it can be difficult to work up the nerve to make the trip to your dentist’s office when you feel uneasy in their chair. Luckily, help is available through dental sedation. What dental sedation… Read more »

Working With Patients To Manage Chronic Jaw Pain

How can your dentist help you address reoccurring pains in your face and jaw? If you have problems with your jaw joints that create functional issues and discomfort, will it take an involved treatment to improve your situation? Patients who suffer TMJ dysfunction, or problems with their jaw joints, can receive care that is less… Read more »