Month: February 2021

Making Your Root Canal Procedure More Comfortable – On The Road!

While the concept of tooth loss is certainly not well-received, the truth of the matter is that it can still happen, and your chances increase drastically if you are not following a specific dental plan. This phenomenon does not occur overnight, however, and can often be prevented at multiple stages along the way before ultimately… Read more »

Addressing Tooth Loss From One Structure To Several

In last week’s blog, our team discussed the different ways we can address tooth decay as it progresses, from a dental filling to a root canal and finally resulting in extraction. While removing a compromised structure is certainly a priority once it progresses past the point of saving, keep in mind that even bigger problems… Read more »

How You Can Address Mild To Severe Decay

It can be difficult at times to make room in your hectic schedule for what appear to be minor inconveniences such as a toothache or sensitive structure. Indeed, bigger, more obvious problems such as a knocked-out tooth are easy to recognize the need for immediate treatment, whereas most other occurrences fall into a sort of… Read more »

Bringing In-Office Preventive Care To You With Our Mobile Clinic

When it comes to fitting in necessary appointments and errands into your hectic everyday schedule, more often than not a number of items don’t make the cut. Indeed, it can be stressful trying to balance everything while also staying on top of items such as your oral health and prevent the need for extraction or… Read more »