Month: July 2018

Quiz: What Kind Of Problems Can TMJ Dysfunction Cause?

If your oral health is affected by TMJ dysfunction, your daily life could be negatively impacted by frequent pain. A problem with your TMJ joints, or jaw joints, could be the result of many causes – stress, a physical injury, or arthritis in the joints are among the reasons people have this issue. You can… Read more »

Invisalign Can Address Your Problems With Crooked Teeth

If your crooked teeth make you uncomfortable with your smile, but feel distressed at the thought of having metal braces, you should talk with your Overland Park, KS dentist about Invisalign. With Invisalign, you can discreetly correct your alignment flaws with clear plastic aligners, instead of an affixed bracket-and-wire appliance. At the end of your… Read more »

Reviewing The Health Of Your Teeth And Gums During A Checkup

Taking great care of your smile on a daily basis will provide you with key support against oral health troubles. When you put time and effort into brushing and flossing effectively, you can remove oral bacteria and food particles that might cause damage to your smile. While this daily support is needed, it should not… Read more »

Quiz: Why You Need To Worry About Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea

During a routine dental visit, you might be surprised at how many issues your Overland Park, KS dentist can address. Beyond focusing on the health of your teeth, and your gums, your dentist can also help with matters that affect your ability to sleep. If you experience chronic fatigue, have trouble concentrating throughout the day,… Read more »