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Autumn And All Things Pumpkin: Smile Win Or Smile Fail?

The second there’s even the hint that autumn is soon to arrive, you see pumpkin everything and you see it everywhere. You know that as a whole food, a pumpkin is packed full of good-for-you stuff and that it becomes part of many fall dishes. However, how does one determine the difference between things that… Read more »

Tips For When To Eat Halloween Candy

You already know that consuming Halloween candy isn’t beneficial for your oral health. You also know that it’s okay to have a fun time, to celebrate, to get into the festivities, and to give yourself room to enjoy sweets every now and again! However, when you’re facing what may end up including piles, bags, or… Read more »

Erosion: Types, Problems, And Protecting Your Teeth!

You may occasionally hear mention of dental erosion and your oral health but you don’t really know what it refers to, so you just hope it has nothing to do with your smile. While it’s entirely possible you’re doing a wonderful job with your preventive care and are enjoying a nearly pristine grin, our Overland… Read more »

Canker Sores: Addressing This Unkindly Visitor

Of all of the changes to suddenly crop up and affect your oral health, one of the least liked visitors of all time is the canker sore. Cankers are nearly always in a very inconvenient location in your mouth, they’re usually extremely uncomfortable, and they simply cause a lot of frustration. While you can probably… Read more »

Smile Care: When Avoiding Sugar Isn’t Working So Well

One of your main goals in life, of course, is doing all that you can to keep your smile in wonderful condition. Amongst other commonly revered and significant factors (such as brushing, flossing, and setting up visits with us) is the fact that you have always known sugar is somewhat of an enemy of your… Read more »

4 Times To Throw Away Your Toothbrush ASAP

Do you remember the last time you threw away your toothbrush and started fresh with a new one? Are you drawing a blank? Perhaps you’re even slinking away because, as far as you knew, you were supposed to just keep one brush around for as long as possible! Remember, it’s perfectly okay to learn thing… Read more »

Aggressive Smile Care: Good Or Bad For Your Smile?

What could possibly be wrong with practicing aggressive smile care, you might wonder? After all, when you want to get something clean, isn’t it best to put all that you’ve got into getting the job done? Well, the answer here is that in terms of effort, yes, you should really go all out! However, in… Read more »

4 Things To Always Remember: About Your Tongue! 

Did you know that along with the other parts of your smile, as you’re striving to keep your smile health in exceptional condition, you should keep your tongue in mind along the way? If you’re shrugging your shoulders because this is truly something you’ve been overlooking, then remember: It’s never too late to add new… Read more »

4 Things To Change In Your Dental Hygiene Collection 

If you have a dental hygiene collection that is working wonders to the point that it almost seems magical, our Overland Park, KS team is guessing you’re in good shape. When what you’re doing to protect your oral health is working, there’s not really a pressing need to fix it! However, if you would report… Read more »

3 Ways You’re Experiencing Smile Balance Issues 

You might not spend a lot of time thinking about the balance of your smile. That is, until you realize you are having trouble chewing or even leaving your smile at rest because things don’t feel like they’re fitting together correctly. Then, there’s the fact that you may develop bruxism or TMJ disorder, only to… Read more »