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A Fresh Start With A Back-To-School Checkup

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If your little one has just started classes, have you made sure that they have everything that they need to make the year a success? Along with all of the pencils and notebooks for their fall semester, it may be time for their next semiannual examination and cleaning with their dentist. Just like you do,… Read more »

Free Your Mouth From Plaque And Tartar


Home oral health maintenance is critical in keeping your smile safe for years to come. But there are some things that need to be handled in the dental office. The removal of problem plaque and tartar might seem like a responsibility that falls solely on you. However, there are certain things you need a qualified… Read more »

Treat Tooth Decay Early

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The immune system constantly battles foreign bacteria, which can thrive on the remnants of food that can tuck into the recesses of the mouth. When an infection continues over a period of time, it can lead to a loss of the enamel at the location of these colonies. These bacteria create highly acidic waste that… Read more »

Smile Safety When Sick


This time of year can be particularly dangerous in regard to our health. Frequent winter viruses such as the flu and the common cold are much more present during this time, for a variety of reasons. We are spending much more time indoors, huddled close to each other. Winter is simply a much more contained… Read more »

Sensitivity Can Be A Sign Of More


Here in the Kansas City area, this time of year can be a struggle for some. The beautiful fall weather is now turning to a deeper cold that will last through to the spring. For many patients, they begin to notice their tooth sensitivity concern when they first breathe in that crisp winter air. But… Read more »

It’s Time For A Cleaning And Examination

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For many people, scheduling a dental appointment can be a significant mental hurdle. While we all know in theory that oral health maintenance is important, we lack the ability to follow through on the practice. But before you reschedule your routine checkup and cleaning, take a second thought! Our home oral hygiene routine is obviously… Read more »

How Does Fluoride Repair Enamel?

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Most people have heard of the material fluoride in some form or fashion. But they may not know much about it besides hearing the name, or the knowledge that it is around us to help our oral health. In actuality, the use of fluoride has transformed our ability to keep and maintain our natural teeth…. Read more »

Protect Your Baby’s Smile


For people who have just had their first child, they may not be aware of the need to maintain their child’s oral health. After all, there are a lot of contributing factors that only occur in the mouths of children. For instance, an infant’s inability to swallow all excess milk can leave the substance growing… Read more »

New School Year, A Fresh Cleaning

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For a lot of us, the summer was jam-packed with activities, maybe a vacation if you could get away. With that, some of the less exciting needs may have fallen by the wayside. But with the school year rapidly approaching, now may be a perfect time for you to get these chores out of the… Read more »

Dentists Rely On Imagery

So much of the oral health field is centered around visual clues and signs. Examinations rely both upon physically looking at the teeth and other structures of the mouth, but they also require more sophisticated imagery. Today, your Overland Park, KS dentist writes to you about some of the more common forms of photography and… Read more »