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You’re Ignoring Your Flossing!

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It seems like there is one aspect of home oral health care that every patient dreads: flossing.  Maybe it’s the time, or any pain with flossing gums that have not been cared for, but people seem particularly averse to keeping to a strict flossing regimen. Today, your Overland Park, KS dentist reiterates how important flossing… Read more »

Getting Your Teeth Cleaned Is Imperative

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Many people ignore regular teeth cleanings, or maybe they go too long between visits. It can be easy to do, but the care of your trained oral health care professional is vital to the health of your smile. Your regular daily oral health regimen cannot remove tartar, it must be done at a dental office…. Read more »

Your Oral Health Impacts Your Heart

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Sometimes, people view their dental health as primarily cosmetic. Certainly, a perfect, pretty smile would be fantastic. But if it’s not perfect, that’s alright (in their mind). If they are able to hide a problem, then maybe it doesn’t matter. They do this with a different smile or a different manner of speech. And some… Read more »

Protect Your Pregnant Smile

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When you’re pregnant, it seems that every aspect of your life is somehow affected by your body’s change. Well, your mouth is no exception, and many women fall victim to neglect of their oral health. Today, your Overland Park KS dentist writes on how best to care for your mouth during pregnancy, both for beauty… Read more »

Sugar And Your Smile

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Diabetes is the most common autoimmune disorder in the United States. Over 29 million people have been diagnosed with Type I or Type II forms. This disorder affects so many differing aspects of life, and often in ways you might not imagine. Capillaries, the smallest blood vessels of the body, suffer damage from elevated blood… Read more »

Good Practices For Oral Care At Home

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Your smile’s health is of the utmost importance, and various forms of dentistry exist to address a multitude of unique situations. From surface-level stains and blemishes to restorative dental treatment, virtually every oral concern can be addressed by some option or another. Though this is the case, it is still the better choice to stay… Read more »

Caring For Your Smile When Sick

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Whether you are aware of it or not, your smile is constantly on the defensive against a barrage of oral health threats and concerns. Indeed, oral bacteria, germs, and other concerns threaten your smile’s health daily, and as such, it is important to take care to provide additional protection and care. This means beginning prevention… Read more »

Preventive Care For Smaller Smiles

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Having a straight and vibrant smile is a goal that many individuals strive to achieve. Indeed, it often requires consistent care and work, but nothing is more satisfying than the confidence a jubilant grin incites. Keep in mind, however, that a gorgeous smile is not possible without a healthy foundation to begin with, and as… Read more »

Tips For Improving Your Dental Anxiety

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Regularly visiting the dentist, along with practicing at-home care (like brushing and flossing) is essential for maintaining the health of your mouth. Unfortunately, dental anxiety can often prevent patients from going in and receiving the care that they need. Because of this, it is important to alleviate this stress whenever possible, so you are able… Read more »

Scheduling Your End-Of-Year Checkup

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Staying on top of your oral health often involves more effort than some individuals are willing to put into it. After all, your only natural line of defense against the barrage of oral bacteria that threaten your health is your enamel, and even this substance is not indestructible. As such, it is best to practice… Read more »