Month: March 2021

Restoring Function With A Lifelike Filling

Processes such as receiving a dental bridge or custom restoration are often considered when your oral health is at stake. What’s more, the primary response is to do what we can to restore your overall function and, ideally, preserve your natural tooth before it becomes lost. While overall function and health are the most important… Read more »

Our Mobile Clinic Brings Your Treatment To You!

When it comes to your oral health, the last thing that you or your dentist want is for you to lose a tooth. Indeed, preserving your natural structures is a top priority, as once they are gone, they cannot come back. What’s more, functional difficulties arise from the loss of teeth, including the ability to… Read more »

Is It Time To Replace Your Lost Tooth?

Losing a tooth as a child can be an exciting moment, as your adult teeth are coming in and you may receive a visit from the tooth fairy. Losing a structure as an adult, on the other hand, is a much more concerning event. Adult teeth are considered permanent, meaning once they are gone, they… Read more »

It’s Time To Restore That Shine

Dental decay may be the biggest threats to most smiles, but it is not the only threat. In fact, there are a number of factors and concerns that impact your grin, from the effects of bruxism and sleep apnea, to internal infections and more. While maintaining consistent preventive care and ensuring an optimally-functioning smile is… Read more »

Is Daytime Fatigue Slowing You Down?

It goes without saying that for most individuals, the largest threat to the quality and function of their smiles involves trouble brought on by harmful bacteria, more specifically decay and infection. While this is considered the norm, there exists a population of individuals that experience a much bigger threat – that of sleep apnea and… Read more »