Month: November 2017

Make Sure You Have Routine Dental Exams Scheduled For 2018

How can you make sure your smile stays in good condition over the next year? One important step – and one that too many people fail to take – is to set up routine dental exams. Unless your circumstances dictate a different approach, you should plan to see your dentist two times a year. At… Read more »

Can Periodontal Problems Lead To Tooth Sensitivity?

Why do you find yourself wincing when hot or cold items pass by certain teeth? What could be the cause of your dental sensitivity, and how long will it last? Answering specific questions about teeth sensitivity will require an appointment with your dentist, as there are several possible culprits. That being said, it is certainly… Read more »

Responding To Problems Created By TMJ Dysfunction

Patients with a range of different jaw problems may be experiencing issues related to TMJ dysfunction, often referred to simply as TMJ. These problems can form for different reasons, and manifest through different symptoms. Generally speaking, if you are experiencing pains in your face, neck, and head – particularly when you bite and chew food… Read more »

Removing Stubborn Tartar From Your Smile

Removing tartar is not something you can do with brushing flossing alone. That is not meant to imply that these actions are not helping your smile – a routine based around these actions is vital to keeping your mouth healthy. Unfortunately, when tartar is allowed to form, it will be too stubborn to remove through… Read more »

Fixing Alignment And Spacing Issues With Invisalign

Are you ready to correct alignment and spacing flaws that have been hurting the overall quality of your smile? Many people mistakenly assume the only way to achieve orthodontic improvements is with metal braces, but you may be able to see remarkable results by undergoing treatment with Invisalign. An Invisalign treatment provides you with a… Read more »