Month: January 2019

What Swelling Might Be Telling You

While the tissues in your smile cannot actually talk to you, sometimes the changes that affect them are speaking loud and clear! It’s just a matter of being able to decode the details. Today, our Overland Park, KS team talks about what the swelling in your mouth may be telling you. In short, it’s always… Read more »

Reminding You About Our Complete Restorative Care

Where do you turn and what should you do when something is wrong with your oral health? The answer to this question that can affect you at any part of your life is to see our Overland Park, KS dental team for restorative care. Not quite sure what this entails but you are pleased to… Read more »

Significant Reminders: Avoiding Stained Invisalign Trays!

One of the most exciting and beloved benefits of using Invisalign treatment: The aligner trays are clear, which means most people won’t actually notice that you’re straightening your smile. This is a far cry from what your smile might look like if it were to be treated with the wires and the brackets that come… Read more »

Stress Relief: Veneers Are Surprisingly Easy To Maintain!

Are you excited when you think about receiving porcelain veneers for your smile? Is this feeling almost instantly overshadowed by a storm cloud that hovers when you realize veneers are probably fragile and hard to keep looking lovely? Amazing news: Our Overland Park, KS team reminds you that veneers are actually very easy to keep… Read more »

What Could Invisalign® Be Worth to You?

Many older teen and adult patients with crooked teeth weigh their desire for a straighter smile with the considerations that come with wearing orthodontic braces. The brackets and wires that are bonded to their teeth can dramatically impact their smile’s appearance, as well as make everyday tasks like eating and practicing dental hygiene more challenging…. Read more »