Month: January 2018

Should You Use Invisalign To Address Cosmetic Smile Flaws?

Is your dissatisfaction with your smile a consequence of crooked teeth? For many patients, issues with the alignment and spacing of teeth can lead to a serious disappointment with their appearance. While they might look forward to life after orthodontic treatment, the prospect of metal braces can scare many people into ignoring the benefits of… Read more »

Why Root Canals Are (Sometimes) Necessary For Cavity Care

A person who has never had a root canal treatment performed on a tooth can be wary of what this procedure involves, simply based on its reputation. While root canals are often generalized as unpleasant experiences, you should know that undergoing this restorative dental work will put a stop to a potentially serious issue with… Read more »

What Can Do To Stay Cavity-Free?

Multiple factors can cause a cavity to form, leading to discomfort and eventually, a greater risk of infection or abscess. However, you can take steps to reduce your risk of developing them. What can you do to stay cavity-free? What happens if your tooth remains untreated?

Stay Alert For Signs Of Gum Disease

Your daily care habits should include dedicated time for brushing and flossing your teeth. During these practices, you should also take a moment to look your smile over for signs of trouble. There are several visible symptoms you can find that are associated with gum disease. If the tissue seems red, or appears swollen, you… Read more »