Sneaky Things You Should Know About Gingivitis

There are some very obvious things that you may already know about gingivitis. You know it’s not something you want to deal with, you know that it is often associated with symptoms like red and puffy gums, and you know that it is likely if you aren’t taking excellent care of your smile. However, there are also some somewhat sneaky things (those details that are easy to overlook) that can mean serious damage for your gum health! Good news: Our Overland Park, KS team is here to help with gum disease management.

You Won’t Always See It Right Away

One of the main reasons we want patients to recognize that gingivitis can be sneaky? This helps you remember that if you want to protect your gum health, you’re going to need to come in to see us for dental checkups for the two-times-a-year that we suggest. You see, your gums don’t always display big warning signs that inflammation is underway. Instead, it can begin “silently” without any obvious changes. So, keep your smile safe by seeing us for your prevention.

It’s Reversible (Or, It Becomes Serious Gum Disease)

Our team reminds you that you can absolutely come in, receive care and suggestions for your gingivitis, and then get back to life with excellent gum health. That is, as long as you actually do something about it when it’s in this early stage of inflammation. However, this disease can seem sneaky to you because if you don’t treat it ASAP, it can become periodontitis. This more advanced stage isn’t simply curable. Instead, it’s something we can help you address but it will likely affect you for life.

It’s More Likely During Pregnancy

Surprise! As if you don’t already have enough changes to contend with and attempt to appreciate, your gum health becomes more vulnerable during this time of your life, too! So, remember that if you are expecting, you will need to continue coming in for preventive care. Your gums depend on it!

See Our Team To Protect Your Gum Health

Maintain your gum health with our preventive care and treat periodontal problems as they occur with our gum disease management services. To learn more about the kind of improvements you can enjoy, or to schedule an examination, call Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS, today at 913-381-2600.