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Dental Care: The Layers And Steps Of Protection!

When you want your smile to be healthy, which is pretty much a shared sentiment amongst everyone, you want to do your best to keep your life as easy as possible. You want healthy teeth, healthy gums, a beautiful smile, and all without dealing with damage (if you can help it). How to attain this,… Read more »

Less Obvious Signs You Need Smile Repairs

When you have an extremely severe toothache or you bite into something and feel your tooth break, you have no question: It’s time for restorative care from our Overland Park, KS team. However, things are not always quite so obvious when it comes to your smile requiring repairs. You may notice that sometimes, you feel… Read more »

Your Quick Review: Stopping Tooth Decay In Its Tracks

You don’t want to deal with tooth decay, which is true of every single patient we see at our Overland Park, KS practice. However, you may recognize that as much as you try to be a good dental patient, you still deal with decay, you still wonder about how to prevent it, you’re not so… Read more »

Reminding You About Our Complete Restorative Care

Where do you turn and what should you do when something is wrong with your oral health? The answer to this question that can affect you at any part of your life is to see our Overland Park, KS dental team for restorative care. Not quite sure what this entails but you are pleased to… Read more »

Think You’re Ready For A Dental Bridge? Find Out!

Do you think that you’re finally, definitely, completely ready for a dental bridge? However, you haven’t really done that much research or come in to see our Overland Park, KS team. You know that you are ready to address the missing teeth in your smile and a bridge just sounds like something that’s right for… Read more »

3 Reassuring Things You Should Know About Cavity Treatment

The first thing you should know about cavities is that there is no way for your tooth to recover from the damage it experiences. That does not mean there is nothing you can do, but it is a reminder of why your goal should be to provide a thorough defense against tooth decay. While decay… Read more »

How To Avoid Smile Disasters This Holiday Season

We are officially entering the holiday season. Halloween is coming, then Thanksgiving, and it just keeps on going until, well … until it’s a completely new year. Of course, this is very exciting and it’s a time of year that’s full of joy, love, fun, and even gifts! While you may think you’ve got everything… Read more »

3 Halloween Hazards To Avoid This Year!

Yes, of course, you already know that if you’re going to dive into a mountain of candy this Halloween, gobbling up every last delicious morsel you can find, this isn’t necessarily going to be a good choice for your smile. However, you are also aware that you can rinse and brush and that this one… Read more »

A Root Canal Can Safely Restore Your Problem Tooth

Daily tooth pain, sensitivity, and limited biting and chewing function can all point to a problem with a cavity. When tooth decay reaches the point of causing discomfort, you should make a trip to the dentist a priority, as you could have an infection within your tooth. To treat this problem, your Overland Park, KS… Read more »

Managing Dental Anxieties During Restorative Work

When a dental problem affects your smile, your Overland Park, KS dentist can provide restorative dental care that fully addresses the matter. The goal during any procedure that addresses something like tooth decay, or physical harm to a tooth, is to put a stop to discomfort, and make sure the tooth has lasting support. With… Read more »