How Our Ultrasonic Scaler Helps You Manage Symptoms Of Periodontal Disease

Overland Park, KS, dentist offers gum management strategies

Finding out you have gum disease can be concerning. This is the number one cause of tooth loss for adults in the United States, so it’s essential that you do your best to prevent this infection and management if you develop it. Your team at Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS, offers ultrasonic scaling and root planings that can help minimize your symptoms and keep your smile safe.

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Unmanaged Gum Disease Can Create Serious Problems

Gingivitis is the first stage of periodontal disease. This phase can include swollen, red gingival tissue, and bleeding when you floss. If it is detected and treated early, the inflammation can be reversed. A good oral hygiene routine is one of the most effective ways to prevent this infection. At home, make sure to brush and floss twice a day, and visit your dentist regularly for checkups. These visits can help detect symptoms early and treat the infection promptly.

 When left untreated, it can continue to progress into more advanced stages of an infection. Moderate to severe periodontitis can cause your gums to recede, teeth can feel loose or fall out, and your jawbone can become weakened. Along with oral health concerns, this serious condition may also cause concerns for your physical health. Patients who have periodontitis are more likely to experience heart problems, such as heart attack or stroke.

Remove Plaque And Protect Your Gums

If you are diagnosed with gingivitis or other stages of periodontal disease, you will need to have deep cleanings done to manage your symptoms. These treatments are more thorough than the cleaning done at your typical checkup. You may need to have several of these done to return to your oral health and manage the infection. Our ultrasonic scaler and laser treatment can make these deep cleanings easier and more efficient. The ultrasonic scaler uses high-frequency vibrations to remove plaque from your gums, and root planing helps smooth out your roots to prevent receding tissue.

Laser gum contouring may improve your periodontal health. This process removes excess gingival tissue and makes cleaning the tissue easier. It may be beneficial for patients with “gummy” smiles. The process can be completed in just a single appointment. If you are experiencing any stage of periodontitis, it’s important that the infection is managed with good oral hygiene at home and professional scaling and root planing done regularly.

We Can Help You Maintain A Healthy Smile

Having periodontal disease does not mean your oral health is ruined. Your team at Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS, can help you manage your symptoms. To schedule an appointment with us, call 913-381-2600.