Correct Your Smile Discreetly

Overland Park, KS, dentist offers invisalign

Recently, we have discussed cosmetic treatments that can improve your appearance. While these can be helpful, they may not be able to address alignment issues. Having crooked teeth or gaps between them could cause you to feel self-conscious. If you are interested in addressing these concerns, Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS, offers Invisalign. This orthodontic method allows you to straighten your grin with clear trays that are nearly invisible to others.

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The Benefits Of This Method

Every patient is different, and the way you choose to straighten your pearly whites will depend on your personal needs and preferences. Invisalign may offer some advantages over other options like metal braces. First, this option is more discreet. Adults looking to correct their grins may find this more convenient. The clear trays are also removable, which patients may find more comfortable. You will wear them for the majority of the day, taking them out only during meals or when doing your oral hygiene. This means you can continue eating your favorite foods and may have an easier time brushing and flossing than you would with other options. Our discreet option also takes about the same amount of time as others.

Aligning Your Teeth Can Improve Your Oral Health

There are other benefits of this cosmetic option besides enhancing your appearance. Having properly adjusted teeth can improve your oral health. If your teeth are overcrowded, it can be difficult to thoroughly brush and floss. When they sit in the correct position, it can be easier to do your oral hygiene, thus reducing the chances of developing cavities, gum disease, and other oral health problems. It can also help improve malocclusion, which may be able to help you stop grinding your teeth.

Find Out If This Is Right For You

Before starting this treatment, you will need to have a consultation with your dentist. Invisalign can correct a variety of problems. However, if your alignment problems are more severe, traditional orthodontic methods may be needed instead. This method is reserved for older teenage or adult patients because you will need to be mature enough to take care of your aligners. Your dentist will take an impression of your oral cavity to create the trays. This impression can also be used to estimate the time it will take to adjust your teeth. In many cases, patients can see a difference in about one to three years. One helpful advantage of this method is that if you have special events during this time, you will not need to worry about metal braces disrupting your appearance.

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