A Look at How Implants Restore Your Smile

Tooth loss can be one of the more visibly noticeable conditions to affect your smile, and it can also have serious, negative effects on several aspects of your oral health. To address these concerns, the best thing you can do after experiencing tooth loss is to receive a custom, lifelike replacement for them. In many cases, that means having one or more dental implants placed to replace your lost teeth roots and support your custom restoration (i.e., dental crown, bridge, or denture). By replacing your lost teeth roots, dental implants may offer the best solution for addressing all of the different impacts of tooth loss, including those that aren’t visibly noticeable at first.

Addressing the deep effects of tooth loss

The visible effects of your lost teeth can have an immediate impact on your self-confidence, bite function, oral health, and more. Many of these visible effects can be successfully addressed with a traditional dental bridge or denture. However, the less obvious effects that result from the loss of your teeth roots cannot be addressed with traditional restorations, and will require the help of lifelike dental implant posts. Dental implants are designed for your jawbone to fuse to their surfaces, which helps them mimic the support and stability of your healthy, natural teeth roots.

Becoming part of your smile for good

The process of your jawbone fusing to your dental implant posts is known as osseointegration, and it’s the basis for the many benefits that implants provide for your smile. For example, your teeth roots don’t just support your teeth, but also help keep your jawbone and oral structures stimulated, which keeps them strong and healthy. Only dental implants can reestablish this, and therefore, help preserve the health and integrity of your smile for life following tooth loss.

The benefits implants have for your smile

When you replace your lost teeth roots and the stimulation that they provide your smile, you can enjoy several important benefits that aren’t possible with traditional restorations. The stimulation in your jawbone that implants provide is an important one, as it helps keep your jawbone strong and reduce your risks of experiencing further tooth loss. You can also enjoy a sturdier, more comfortable prosthesis, with greater function and stability.

Learn about restoring your smile with implants

Dental implants do more than traditional prostheses can for your smile by replacing the roots of your lost teeth. For more information about how this dramatically improves your oral health, schedule your consultation by calling Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS, today at 913-381-2600.