3 Halloween Hazards To Avoid This Year!

Yes, of course, you already know that if you’re going to dive into a mountain of candy this Halloween, gobbling up every last delicious morsel you can find, this isn’t necessarily going to be a good choice for your smile. However, you are also aware that you can rinse and brush and that this one day of enjoyment will probably turn out to be A-OK in regard to your oral health. What you might be overlooking is that there are some additional holiday-related hazards that can cause some serious damage! Not interested in smile damage? We didn’t think so. Consider some hazards mentioned by our Overland Park, KS team that you can easily steer clear of, so you enjoy your experience without sabotaging your grin!

#1: Falling (It Can Damage Your Smile)

Nobody wants to admit that falling can result in oral health damage. However, it can cause some extraordinarily severe damage to your face and smile. So, we encourage you to do all that you can to avoid falling by clearing tripping hazards from your celebration. Some ideas? Make sure your shoes are tied and you can see where you’re going (as in, use a flashlight in the dark).

#2: Eating The Wrong Treats (It Can Hurt Your Oral Health)

Yes, you know what sugar can do to your smile. However, beyond the simple sugar-influences-decay factor, what else should you consider? Think about the following:

  • Sticky treats can pull out dental work and saturate your oral tissues in sugar
  • Hard treats can damage dental work and break teeth
  • Acidic, sour treats can contribute to enamel erosion

#3: Messing Up Your Sleep Schedule (It Can Affect Certain Treatments)

When you decide to stay up all hours of the night to enjoy Halloween, it might turn out to be exceptionally fun! However, our team still invites you to think about your sleep schedule ahead of time if getting into bed and falling asleep near the same time each night is important for your dental care. For instance, are you relying on bruxism treatment to improve your smile health? Are you receiving sleep apnea treatment, so you can get your sleep back on track? If so, this may be one of those things you need to think about. While it may change your Halloween plans, protecting the treatment you’ve been proactive about providing yourself might win as the priority!

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