The Wonder of Osseointegration

Osseo OPKSOur understanding of the mouth has led to wondrous advancement in the field of dental implants. A lot of this has hinged upon the development of a process known as osseointegration. Essentially, this is the ability of the body to grow bone alongside artificial material as if it were its own. This happens extremely well with titanium, which is why we use it in our posts into your bone matter.

This has been so successful in replacement limb surgery that amputees can develop a form of touch in prosthetic limbs. That is an amazing discovery alone, but it has uses in situations such as joint replacement or the replacement of vertebrae.

Today, your Overland Park, KS dentist explains how this phenomenon has become immensely helpful in oral health. And if you are thinking of having a tooth replaced, or even several, this might be a fantastic solution for you!

Truly Remarkable Intergrowth

During this process, your body begins to grow side-by-side with the titanium. This means that you do not build scar tissue, and the immune system recognizes implanted material as part of itself. So the response is much more welcoming, allowing for a lifetime solution.

The work of P. Branemark in the late 1970s set the foundation for our current concept of a full prosthetic replacement, and this process was the key in its success. Not only is the chance for rejection dramatically lower, but the body actually begins to view the titanium as being a part of itself.

It protects the site as it would your natural jaw, and using our own immune system for oral health maintenance can be a huge benefit. This can limit the amount of trauma that you experience, as any surgery is bound to give you some level of physical stress. And it also allows for your immune system to welcome the implant in a way where we are not supressing our own protection from bacterial infection.

Expansive Possibilities

One of the most impressive ways that dentistry has evolved over the past few decades has been in the area of creativity. Dentists are able to create solutions that depend on varying different procedures. As we know, each mouth is unique, so each treatment should be, as well.

No matter the amount of teeth that you need replacing, there is a fit for you. Implant posts can be helpful for any amount of restoration. Implant-supported dentures are also becoming much more common, which relies on a set number of posts holding a full mouth prosthetic. These can be more comfortable and stable than traditional dentures.

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