How Does Fluoride Repair Enamel?

Happy OPKSMost people have heard of the material fluoride in some form or fashion. But they may not know much about it besides hearing the name, or the knowledge that it is around us to help our oral health. In actuality, the use of fluoride has transformed our ability to keep and maintain our natural teeth. And it has saved countless children from exposure to unnecessary baby bottle tooth decay!

Without a full grasp of what it does and how it helps, though, some may be a little questioning of its usefulness. Or wonder why it exists in public utilities such as tap water. So today, your Overland Park, KS dentist talks about the amazing help that fluoride has given to our communities and overall oral health in developed nations and around the globe!

How Fluoride Functions

People tend to believe that fluoride is a solely preventive measure, but in actuality, it repairs damage that has been done to your enamel. When doing this for tiny and microscopic abrasions, though, it appears to halt harm before it appears. As always with dentistry, it is important to be able to stop an issue before it becomes much more serious, as our tissue tends to decline much more rapidly than any possible way of repair.

And as these little bits of repair are stronger than your natural enamel, you are essentially fortifying your teeth with tougher minerals that bond to you. This is incredibly important in protecting children from cavities, which can lead to future problems into adulthood.

Baby bottle tooth decay is a serious condition that can require the extraction of a child’s first set. If you are a new parent, you might believe that their first teeth are simple placeholders. But there is scientific evidence that they form pathways for adult incisors and molars to follow. When you remove these too early, your child can require orthodontic procedures in the future to correct growth that happen improperly.

The Safety Of Fluoride

Due to its use in public utilities, primarily our drinking water, people might be a little skeptical of the necessity of this material. After all, if fluoride is so effective, why would we need to press it on the public as we do?

Well, we are here to fully profess the safety of the levels of public fluoride, as well as its use in toothpastes and other oral health materials. While there can be some discoloration associated with excessive use of this chemical, the levels that are currently used in marketed products are perfectly fine for you.

In fact, you can improve your overall health through the prevention of bacterial infections within the mouth. The scientific community is finding new links between your oral health and the rest of the body every day!

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