Questions You’re Too Shy To Ask About Flossing!

On one hand, your daily dental hygiene may seem as simple as can be. However, the moment you run into a sudden question (that feels more like an obstacle), you may start to worry that caring for your smile is more complex than you imagined. Here’s what our Overland Park, KS team would love for you to remember: It really is simple and easy to keep your smile healthy. When uncertainty about practices like flossing crop up, you can maintain streamlined care by simply being bold and asking for advice! We are always happy to provide the education you need.

Questions and Answers

Question: If it hurts for me to floss my smile during dental hygiene, what does this mean? Is it my technique or approach to dental care or is something wrong with my oral health?

Answer: It could be one or the other. Of course, if you’re unsure, it’s always a smart decision to call us to let us know you’re experiencing discomfort. However, remember: If you’re flossing with too much force, it will hurt, so be delicate. If you have gum disease, flossing may hurt (and may cause some minor bleeding, as well), which requires our immediate care.

Question: I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m not really sure if I’m flossing right. I’ve read up on the right way to do it but I can’t tell if I’m completing a job well done. Can you run through the details with me during a dental checkup?

Answer: Of course! Just ask us about this when we see you next!

Question: What am I supposed to do when I end up getting food stuck between my teeth but my floss isn’t removing it? Should I try to find some other way of removing it?

Answer: We remind you that unless your usual dental hygiene removes it, don’t try anything else. You could make matters worse! Instead, call us, alert us to the situation, and we will help.

Question: Do I need to floss more frequently than just the one time a day during a dental hygiene session? Is extra-frequent flossing good for my smile?

Answer: Remember that flossing just one time daily is all you are required to do in order to prevent oral health issues, such as gum disease and decay. You are free to floss more often if you have food stuck between teeth, etc., however it is not necessary for maintenance.

Protect Your Smile Health By Flossing!

When you need help with your general day-to-day flossing, you have questions about what to do to improve flossing, or your floss isn’t working on a particularly stubborn issue, call us. Your smile is our priority! To learn more, or to schedule your consultation, call Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS, today at 913-381-2600.