Responding To Problems Created By TMJ Dysfunction

Patients with a range of different jaw problems may be experiencing issues related to TMJ dysfunction, often referred to simply as TMJ. These problems can form for different reasons, and manifest through different symptoms. Generally speaking, if you are experiencing pains in your face, neck, and head – particularly when you bite and chew food – you may have issues with your jaw joints that need to be corrected. Your dentist can help you manage this condition, often with the use of a special oral appliance that carefully relaxes the position of your jaw. If you have related issues with teeth grinding because of TMJ dysfunction, your dentist can make sure you have beneficial treatment, to prevent damage to your teeth.

Your Dentist Can Help You Deal With Pain And Functional Limitations Caused By TMJ Problems

During a visit, your dentist can talk to you about your symptoms of TMJ dysfunction, and work with you on alleviating your discomfort. After reviewing your case, your dentist may recommend a special appliance, which will be able to correct your jaw alignment. By relaxing your jaw, and relieving stress in the joints, you can begin to feel more comfortable, and enjoy better dental function.

Addressing Problems Related To Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding can aggravate TMJ problems, and lead to serious dental damage. Your dentist can talk to you about teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, during your appointment. If it is necessary, they can also address damages caused by teeth grinding. This may simply consist of cosmetic dental work. However, if you have suffered more significant damage, you could require restorative dental care.

Talk To Family First Dental About TMJ Dysfunction

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