Do You Need A Tooth Extracted?

Overland Park, KS dentist offers tooth extractions when necessary

In a recent blog, we discussed how CEREC crowns can repair your pearly whites after injury. This protects your teeth from further damage and risk of infection. If your smile has been harmed after an accident or health condition, your dentist will do their best to restore the tooth and keep the natural one. However, if the area cannot be treated, sometimes the best option is to extract it. In today’s blog, Family First Dental in Overland Parks, KS, is here to discuss what to expect when getting one of your pearly whites removed.

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When Is This Necessary

As mentioned above, your dentist will do their best to treat a tooth instead of removing it. There are some cases where extraction is the best option. If it is impacted or severely damaged, the most effective way to prevent discomfort and infection is to take it out. An impacted tooth means that it does not fully erupt. This often happens when your third molars begin to grow. Or if you have severe overcrowding issues, one of your pearly whites may be removed to efficiently straighten your smile. Severely decayed teeth may also be removed. Although root canal therapy can treat a deep cavity, if the condition of the tooth is poor, it may be removed.

During The Removal

First, the area will be thoroughly examined. X-rays may be taken beforehand to have a closer look at the damage. Then, the local area will be numbed for your comfort. If you are having a more extensive removal, such as several wisdom teeth being removed, a stronger form of sedation may be prescribed. An incision will be made, and the tooth will be gently extracted. The area will then be stitched, and gauze may be placed to reduce the bleeding. Be sure to have a friend or family member drive you home after your appointment.

After Your Extraction

Your aftercare instructions may vary depending on how many teeth have been removed. In general, you should avoid eating hard foods, drinking through straws, and consuming tobacco, as this can cause dry sockets. While you recover, you may experience some sensitivity in the area. Take painkillers as advised and call your dentist if you have any questions or concerns.

Once the area is healed, you can talk to your dentist about prosthetic replacement options. In some cases, removal is done to align teeth and the gap may not be noticed. However, if it is in a visible area of your smile, there may be an option of replacing it.

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