Quickly Neaten Your Smile

Chroma OPKSCosmetic dental concerns are prevalent in most people. Even with minor concerns, you stay with your smile through every waking minute of the day. You are bound to notice more issues while you speak and eat. Far from unimportant, your discolored teeth may cause you to hold back from speaking your mind. Chipped or cracked teeth can also prevent you from reaching your full potential in your social and professional lives.

There is accessible improvement to your enamel through a whitening process that you can take home with you. For an even quicker enhancement of your smile, discuss in-office treatment that typically lasts under an hour. The revitalization of your teeth is also possible through dental bonding, which uses a complex resin to add external material to your enamel. After polishing, this blends in with your natural smile. Discuss all of your cosmetic options with Dr. Jay Cook, DDS at Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS. Schedule an appointment and be ready for whatever comes your way!

Brighten Your Smile With The Assistance Of A Professional

The trained eyes of a dentist can be invaluable in your whitening process. While there are available options at your local drugstore or supermarket, treating your discoloration on your own can risk the lasting strength of your enamel. While this material is the hardest substance in your body, it is not impenetrable. Harsh bleaching agents can weaken your enamel and leave you susceptible to dentin sensitivity, as this material is more vulnerable than the external surface.

Add Whitening To Your Home Dental Routine

Some patients prefer the comfort of their own home for their whitening process. This approach allows you to bring home custom trays that you fill with gel. When you wear these, it coats your teeth with this gentle, yet effective product. Over the course of your treatment, you will continue this process and can see noticeable change in as soon as two weeks!

In-Office Capabilities For Speedy Improvement

If you prefer a solution in a single visit to a dentist, speak with us about the possibility of in-office whitening. This process typically lasts around an hour and can sometimes even be quicker. Reach your desired shade before your big event so you can look your best in photographs.

Another form of enamel improvement is dental bonding. This is an additive procedure that uses resin to restore your teeth if you have suffered damage. After your dentist polishes this material, it blends in with the other natural enamel.

Accessible Cosmetic Dentistry In Overland Park, KS

Improve your self-confidence on your own timeline with helpful cosmetic dentistry. Teeth whitening can revive your smile either at home or in the office. Dental bonding aids in the repair of chips and cracks. Achieve a more beautiful smile with Dr. Jay Cook, DDS in Overland Park, KS. Call Family First Dental at (913)381-2600 for more information or to schedule an appointment!