A Smile With Grace And Durability

Ice OPKSMany people look to the versatile benefits that can come alongside a porcelain veneer procedure. This surgical process is the placement of sturdy, functional caps onto your existing enamel. A wide variety of forms of tooth damage can use this as a remedy, as well. Even with significantly broken structures, a trained oral health care professional can build up a suitable base through bonding techniques.

Whether you are looking toward the repair of a single tooth or a refresh on worn or misshapen ones, this procedure has the possibility of giving you a beautiful smile. These prosthetics are designed to last you decades with proper maintenance, and the material is around the same durability as our natural enamel. Today, your Overland Park, KS dentist illustrates how porcelain veneers might be a fantastic solution for lifting your smile to its highest peak!

How Do They Work?

Porcelain veneers get much of their utility from the material of which they are constructed. This is a ceramic that is well-known for its strength and its charm. It is much more dense than other forms of ceramic clay, and it is less porous. As well, this material is harder than most clays, allowing it to take a significant amount of stress.

The process actually began in the Golden Age of Hollywood, where Dr. Charles Pincus was hired to create a set of prosthetic teeth for a film. Thirty years later, the concept of etching brought permanent enamel replacement to the scientific world. This is the use of acids to abrade the surface of our teeth. The porous and bumpy new finish can hold cement much stronger than our smooth natural enamel.

A Common Solution

Porcelain veneer methods are incredibly popular in American dentistry. You will find them often in the mouths of famous actors, newcasters and more. Anytime that someone wishes to put their best appearance forward, a smile improvement can help!

This procedure also has the ability to cover up a wide array of different dental issues. the teeth we are born with rarely grow in the precise way that we would like. Coupled with the fact that we do not have the ability to regrow them, we can often develop damage over the course of our lives.

This solution can also sometimes simultaneously address alignment concerns. Since our skilled ceramicists craft your new smile addition specifically for you, slight alterations can mean a huge difference in your comfort and appearance!

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