It’s Time For A Cleaning And Examination

Family OPKSFor many people, scheduling a dental appointment can be a significant mental hurdle. While we all know in theory that oral health maintenance is important, we lack the ability to follow through on the practice. But before you reschedule your routine checkup and cleaning, take a second thought!

Our home oral hygiene routine is obviously vital in keeping our smile looking as good as it possibly can be. But the added value of a dentist’s eye and experience can help to spot issues before they cause significant damage. Preventive care can be very effective, and help you to keep as much of your biological material as you can. So today, your Overland Park, KS dentist stresses the need to come into the office, and how a rigorous schedule can help you build healthy oral health habits in all aspects of your life!

The Benefits Of Consistent Care

Sticking to a plan when it comes to your oral health can be incredibly important. Making our home dental hygiene routine a habit is very helpful in maintaining a healthy smile. But sometimes there may be negative feelings associated with an in-person meeting with a trained oral health professional. You should never feel like you are being shamed for the level of your current health. The goal is steady and constant improvement, to ensure success.

By setting consistent appointments with a trained oral health professional, you give yourself the greatest chance of success going into the future. An extra set of educated eyes can spot changes even before you notice them yourself. Our mouths are full of hidden recesses and areas we simply cannot see or properly clean.

Plan For The Future

Even if you feel there are no problems within your smile, imagery can help to identify issues before they can cause serious damage. This is especially true for adolescents and young adults, as the development of their third set of molars can cause serious damage. These are commonly known as wisdom teeth, and routine digital x-ray imagery can help to track their growth before they erupt.

Periodontal disease is also incredibly common within the United States, with 42% of all Americans over the age of 30 battling this condition. This can lead to tooth infection, and even loss, as the gum tissue is vital at maintaining a healthy smile. This material creates a secure seal between the outside world and the underlying structures of the mouth. When it recedes, it can leave you incredibly vulnerable!

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