Excellent Practices For Little Grins

Little child in dental chair show with finger tooth for repairingWhile preventive dentistry is important for maintaining a healthy smile, restorative treatment serves as an excellent backup in case life decides on a different course. Indeed, restorations make it possible to mitigate damage and reverse certain situations, inevitably extending the lifespan of your grin. Still, however, it is important to note just how important dental prevention really is. In today’s blog, your Overland Park, KS dentist explains why it is important to start early when it comes to preventive care, and how children’s dentistry can pave the way for a healthy grin for life.

Proper Care at Home

While it may seem defeatist to begin oral health care while your little one is still an infant, there are actually a number of benefits for doing so. For instance, threats such as oral bacteria, infection, decay, and more are lifelong concerns, meaning they never truly stop attempting to impact your smile. This means that the sooner you begin excellent care, the better your smile’s chances are of success.

Additionally, the sooner you instill excellent smile care habits, the more likely your children are to practice excellent care. Indeed, children tend to mimic behavior of their parents, and being excited about your smile’s health will help encourage them to become excited about their own.

Excellent care at home means brushing twice a day, flossing at least once every day, attending routine checkups and cleanings, and even paying mind to the negative effects some foods and beverages have on your teeth. What’s more? We encourage you to bring your children in for their first dental visit by either the age of one or by the sight of their first tooth, whichever comes first. This helps acclimate your family to our office and team, as well as make future visits more relaxed and comfortable. For more information about this process, reach out to us today.

Attending Routine Visits

In addition to at-home care, bringing your family in for a routine children’s dental visit is a necessary part of a well-rounded preventive dental routine. Indeed, this visit provides an opportunity for our team to monitor the development of your child’s grin, as well as identify minor concerns and ensure they do not develop into major ones. What’s more? We can also provide a gentle cleaning to rid deposits of plaque and tartar.

Additional Treatment

While excellent care begins at home, sometimes tiny teeth could use a boost of help. Because of this, we offer dental sealant and fluoride treatment options to help provide an added boost of strength when fending off dangerous bacteria and infection.

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