How Does Dental Bonding Change A Tooth’s Shape?

dental bondingWe’ve recently talked about how we change a tooth’s color by removing discoloration with teeth whitening. But what if you have issues with a tooth’s shape, such as a chip or one that is naturally malformed? In today’s blog, your Overland Park, KS, dentist will explain how we transform smiles in one visit with dental bonding and contouring.

Dental Bonding

The dental bonding procedure helps repair and restore teeth in only one visit! We start by removing decay that is present, and then thoroughly cleaning the tooth itself. Next, we prepare the bonding material, a blend of glass and acrylic that we tint to blend with your tooth. We apply the material in several different layers, sculpting the tooth as we do, and then we polish it. The polishing helps ensure a more lifelike appearance. In one visit, we can mask permanent teeth stains, repair cracked or chipped teeth, reshape malformed or misshapen teeth, and close any gaps between them too. If you have worn-down tooth structure due to teeth grinding, we can offer single-visit repair too.

Dental Contouring

With contouring, we sand and buff the tooth to gently reshape it and correct cosmetic issues. The procedure only takes a single sitting, and may be performed alongside bonding too. Contouring enables our team to repair minor chips, reshape overly large or malformed teeth, and to correct pointed or sharp teeth. We also remove surface imperfections, such as rough patches, grooves, and pits. In a single sitting, we restore the beauty of your smile!

Protecting Your Smile

Remember, treating damaged teeth isn’t just about improve esthetics, but avoiding the onset of problems like tooth decay and dental infection. You can also wear a mouthguard when playing sports to help limit the risk of chipping or cracking a tooth. Good oral healthcare is essential too, as this ensures decay doesn’t weaken your tooth structure. You should brush and floss daily to remove trapped food particles and prevent plaque and tartar buildup. Try to visit every six months too, so we can perform an exam and cleaning to keep your smile strong and healthy. If you have any questions about boosting smile beauty, let us know. We can create a personalized treatment plan to help you obtain a stunning smile, one you’ll be eager to show the world when you laugh or smile.

Do You Have Questions About Cosmetic Repair?

We want to help you enjoy a smile that is strong, beautiful, and healthy, and to help we may employ cosmetic treatment. To learn more about our custom cosmetic treatment options or to set up a consultation, then schedule your consultation by calling Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS, today at 913-381-2600.