Less Obvious Signs You Need Smile Repairs

When you have an extremely severe toothache or you bite into something and feel your tooth break, you have no question: It’s time for restorative care from our Overland Park, KS team. However, things are not always quite so obvious when it comes to your smile requiring repairs. You may notice that sometimes, you feel pulled in two directions. On one hand, you feel like maybe you’re just imagining things or you’re worrying about what seems like a minor symptom. On the other hand, you remember us saying that any change is a good reason to call us. Stick with the advice we always offer and come in when something is off the mark with your mouth!

Your Prosthetic Or Crown Doesn’t Feel The Same

One day, you eat, you drink, you talk, and things seem like they always do in terms of your smile. The next, you have a crown that seems like it’s sticking out further. Or you have a bridge that isn’t really lining up with the rest of your smile the the way it used to. Don’t ignore these types of sensations. They frequently mean you need a repair or replacement, which you should receive immediately to prevent serious problems from developing!

You Are Experiencing Any Level Of Pain

It may shock you to hear this but did you know that you can have a cavity or an infected tooth but you can go for some time without feeling any different? That’s why we remind patients that when they feel even the slightest pain in a tooth, it’s smart to come in to learn more. Remember, it’s best to receive a filling before a tooth requires something more or to receive a root canal treatment before a tooth needs to be extracted. Coming in for restorative care lets you protect your smile!

Cold And Hot Foods Are A Problem

Don’t allow yourself to brush off your smile’s serious and uncomfortable reaction to cold or hot foods and drinks by dismissing the issue as “sensitivity.” True, your smile is sensitive but in many instances, this shift is happening because of a problem like decay or infection. Come in and let us know! If you just need to make some changes to your dental hygiene, we can help with that. However, if it turns out you require restorative care, the sooner the better!

See Us For Smile Repairs Today

Don’t wait around when you have even the slightest feeling your smile may require help. Instead, contact our team, schedule a dental checkup, and receive any restorative care your smile requires for optimal health. To learn more, or to schedule your consultation, call Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS, today at 913-381-2600.