Can At-Home Whitening Kits Provide Real Results?

When it comes to striking improvements to the color of your teeth, you may feel that your only option is a professional whitening treatment in your dentist’s office. After all, store bought whitening agents and whitening toothpastes can leave you dissatisfied by limited improvements. What you should know is that you can actually take professional whitening agents home from your dentist’s office. Over the course of ten to fourteen days, you can administer treatments on your own time, and see remarkable results. Of course, if you are eager to have results as soon as possible, you can always set time to have your dentist perform your whitening treatment.

You Have Options For Your Whitening Treatment Experience

Why does your dentist offer at-home whitening, while also providing treatment in the office? Simply put, different patients can appreciate one approach over the other. If you have a hard time opening up your schedule during office hours, taking home a whitening kit allows you to see a professional improvement without disrupting your daily life. If you are eager to see your smile become brighter in less time, you can fit big results into a single treatment.

A Cosmetic Treatment Can Do More Than Just Improve The Color Of Your Smile

Cosmetic dental work can provide more than just whiter teeth. If you want to do something about congenital flaws, or if you have dental damage to address, set a time for a cosmetic consultation. You may be surprised at how your dentist can help. If you want to make big changes, having porcelain veneers placed can cover up multiple flaws with one treatment. Worried about the alignment of your teeth? You can make discreet corrections with Invisalign aligners.

Talk To Family First Dental If You Are Interested In Professional Whitening Results

At Family First Dental, you can secure care that makes your smile considerably brighter. Our practice offers take-home kits you can use on your own time, but you also have the option of setting up an appointment at our office. To schedule an appointment, please call Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS, today at 913-381-2600.