Strengthen Your Rest, Treat Your Smile

Sleep OPKSSleep disorders are incredibly common in the United States. While people may know the symptoms of problems with their rest, they might not be aware of a common cause. Our jaws can become our own worst enemy overnight, if left to their own devices. Or perhaps you feel that your issue is only minor, and maybe you can just push through the drawbacks.

But two of the most common issues related to sleep center around your oral health. The first comes with a condition called bruxism, or the gnashing and clenching of the teeth. This grinding can lead to dental erosion, putting your smile at serious risk of infection or alignment concerns. Another common disorder overnight lies in sleep apnea. This is the activity of pausing breath while asleep and it can be dangerous to your longterm health. Today, your Overland Park, KS dentist stresses the importance of caring for your sleep, and how your oral health might be to blame!

Protect Your Enamel

Bruxism is the term for teeth grinding, or any unconscious movement of the jaw that leads your teeth to wear against each other. There are many different specific movements, but this is the overarching condition. This is more than a simple annoyance, so do not ignore this if it is affecting you.

A primary concern related to bruxism is with dental erosion. This is when you lose some of your enamel tissue from wear, and your grinding concern may exacerbate this significantly. Your incisors might become shorter and your molars flatter. When this condition is severe, you may even expose the interior fleshy portion beneath, putting yourself at risk of infection.

Speak with your trained oral health provider about the possibility of a nightly-worn mouthguard to keep your smile safe!

More Than Snoring

Sleep apnea can be a difficult issue to diagnose, on account of its occurrence during unconscious hours. In fact, a common source of diagnosis starts with a significant other or loved one. If your friends or family are mentioning how disconcerting your snoring can be, it may be time to seek help.

This condition most often occurs during REM sleep, when we fully relax the structures of the throat. If our airway is blocked, it prevents us from getting the necessary amount of oxygen. Apnea concerns can lead to serious elevation in blood pressure, including a higher risk of heart attack and stroke.

A night guard may also be a benefit here. These gently reposition the jaw slightly forward, so that you can breathe easily through the night!

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