Avoid Stains This Halloween Season

Smoile OPKSDuring the fall, our intake of colorful food tends to spike. For that reason, it is important to use this time as an opportunity to monitor your smile’s coloration. Also, to explain how special precautions during your home oral health care routine. The stains that we receive from consuming various things can build up over the years, giving you a dull or yellowed smile.

But beyond that, health concerns such as cancer of HIV/AIDS can create problems beyond your control. With some things, even the medicines you take for other issues can weaken your oral health defenses. Today, your Overland Park, KS dentist speaks about some ways that you can best prevent stains from occurring to begin with!

Prevention Is Key

Avoiding health problems before they occur can be very helpful in maintaining a beautiful smile. And while this sounds simple in principle, patients often report some difficulty in avoiding things they love.

We are constantly consuming foods and beverages and red wine and coffee are popular for a reason. If you cannot cut these out of your diet, try to limit them. These are also liquids that tend to stay in the mouth long after their consumption. A quick touch up and rinse after your morning coffee can help wash this away.

Smoking is a habit that is extremely dangerous to your oral health. This damage is not limited to traditional cigarettes, either. E-cigarettes and vapes can lead to oral cancer, and also cause dry mouth. Without an appropriate amount of saliva, we put ourselves at risk of decay and even tooth loss!

All forms of tobacco are harmful, too, so do not think that smokeless forms are an innocent replacement. This includes not only chewing tobacco and dip, but also snus and nicotine pouches. These put you at serious risk of gum recession due to periodontal disease. This can expose the root of the tooth and require a root canal, if unattended.

Comprehensive Health

Various different health conditions can affect the quality of your smile. It is important to inform your dental professional about any and all other illnesses that you may have. Even if you are not struggling with the maintenance of these conditions, they could have effects on how your mouth holds up over time.

These conditions include cancer, HIV/AIDS, and even diabetes. This auto-immune disease affects around one in every ten Americans, so it is important to note how it interacts with your dental care. The medicines required for these, especially with illnesses like cancer, can also be particularly harmful to our smile. For this reason as well, it is important to maintain a positive conversation with your dentist.

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