The Importance Of Planning

Plan OPKSWhen you are looking to have any form of oral surgery performed, you might be understandably cautious. Our mouths are very precious to us, and we want to make sure that the benefits significantly outweigh any possible risk to your health. And as we do not regrow our teeth, it is important to trust your oral health professional fully so you can properly plan your solution together.

Today, your Overland Park, KS dentist talks about how important it can be to set plans and goals with your smile, and some ways that it can help save you time and money!

Surgery Is Tough On The Body

It may seem like an oversimplification, and rather obvious, but our bodies are not designed to be able to take much damage from the outside world. And unfortunately, we cannot discriminate between helpful trauma from a dentist and one from an accident or infection. The body knows that something is hurting them, and to fight that in any way it can.

That said, it is important to plan your path appropriately in order to minimize the amount of physical changes we need to do within the mouth. If we can possibly combine two procedures into one visit, it may be incredibly helpful to your recovery.

There are common times when this is necessary, regardless. For instance, when a dental implant is required, sometimes the underlying bone structure is not secure and healthy enough to support the daily rigors of a prosthetic.

This can happen for a few reasons, most likely to the loss of physical material. Imagine placing a flagpole onto a base support made up completely of sand. The moment anything affects it, that flagpole will fall over. Implants can operate in much the same way.

For these patients, they will most likely need a bone graft, where biological matter is transplanted from another source and incorporated into your own jaw. This source can be from your own body, from a donor bank, or even from an animal source. If you have ethical or religious concerns about where this comes from, always feel free to bring these up with your dentist. Once this has healed and fully incorporated your new jaw matter, only then can an implant post properly fit for years of healthy use.

Root canals are also typically tied to the placement of a dental crown, as well. Once damaged and infected tissue are removed, there often isn’t enough of your own tooth to ensure that it can stay healthy on its own. So a protective and durable cap is cemented over, protecting your smile for years to come!

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