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Point OPKSOur periodontal, or gum, tissue is incredibly important as a defense for our immune system. Without robust protection, the mouth is very susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections. After all, it is the largest opening into the body we have, and we are constantly exposing it to the outside world through eating, talking, and even simply breathing.

Today, your Overland Park, KS dentist writes about the need to protect your gums, and to highlight some warning signs that you should share with your oral health professional!

A Strong Immune Response

Most of us take for granted the incredible work that the body is constantly doing to ensure the safety of the mouth. The large connection to the circulatory system also means that this is a very important gateway into our body as a whole. Infections can spread very easily from the mouth, and ae much harder tohandle when they have reached the bone in your jaw.

The gums are some of the superstars of the mouth, creating a vital seal around your teeth. Without covering the root, infection is almost assured.This can become a very painful situation very quickly.

Recession Is Common

If you have noticed a change in your gumline, it is something that you should bring up with your trained oral health professional. Even small moves can signal future shifts, so it is best to monitor things in a routine and constant manner. This allows us to best track any ways that things are moving, and anticipate problems before they occur.

Nearly half of Americans over the age of thirty have some form of periodontal disease. So if you have been changing the way you eat or how you smile due to the embarrassment, now is the time to address it. Please don’t let self-conscious thoughts prevent you from improving your health!

Grafting Is A Helpful Solution

Gum grafts are the most likely procedure for you if you are suffering from recession. There are a couple forms of common grafts that dentists perform for this, and the first is known as a free gingival graft.

During this surgery, the diseased and damaged tissue is initially removed to limit any further regrowth. Maintaining the infection is a recipe for a future visit to the office. Afterward, the healthy periodontal tissue is pulled back up to a healthy level and adhered.

When this tissue heals, it heals at that level, and can be maintained and kept healthy. It is important with any dental issue to take the advice of your healthcare provider so that this does not happen again.

If there is not enough material to pull from that infected site, donor matter from a different area of the mouth can grow well, too. The roof of the mouth and the soft palate are common locations for this. With both of these procedures, a soft diet for the next week or so is typically all you need. But as always, listen to your dentist!

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