Benefits Of An Excellent Preventive Routine

Whitening. Pleasant young woman with attractive appearance and a towel thrown over her shoulder cleaning teeth while looking at camera with cheer on her faceWhile restorative dental procedures make maintaining a lifelong smile much more feasible today, preventive dentistry is still the name of the game when it comes to prioritizing your oral health. Indeed, a well-rounded preventive care routine oversees a number of areas to ensure that your smile remains healthy, strong, and protected on multiple fronts. Though you may be following a decent routine, keep in mind that falling short in any one area can significantly impact your smile’s integrity. In today’s blog, your Overland Park, KS dentist explains the purpose behind preventive dentistry, and how an effective routine can protect your smile for life.

Stronger, Healthier Teeth

From a young age, your family likely instilled upon you the importance of brushing your teeth. Indeed, brushing is extremely helpful in keeping your smile happy and healthy, as it removes deposits of plaque that develop as the day goes on.

For some, however, quality might be lacking, and brushing improperly can actually lead to increased chances of oral health concerns. Overbrushing can also impact your smile, as it may cause a wear down of your natural layer of enamel, the only thing standing in the way of bacteria and other concerns from wreaking havoc on your smile.

Another important tip to keep in mind if you are aiming to maintain a healthy smile for life is to pay mind to the effects of certain foods and beverages you consume. Some items such as oranges and lemons contain high levels of acidity that wear down your protective enamel. Other items such as coffee and teas contain staining pigments that dull your shine or cause stains. To learn more about the steps you can take at home, contact our team today.

Protection from Gum Disease

In addition to brushing at least twice a day, it is excellent practice to take care to floss after every meal. You see, more often than not, a food particle will become lodged in-between structures. Sometimes they are able to work their way out on their own, and sometimes they need help.

As these particles stay lodged, they attract oral bacteria to the gums, subsequently increasing your chances of developing a periodontal or gum concern such as gum disease. To learn more about this process, reach out to our team today.

Keeping an Eye on Your Smile

To complete an excellent preventive routine, you must take care to attend your routinely-scheduled six-month checkups. When you come in for your visit, our team takes care to provide a thorough examination to identify and treat any threats, as well as provide a cleaning to remove plaque deposits.

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