Smile Discoloration: Stain Removal To Avoid (And To Select)! 

When you notice that your smile looks yellow in a photo, when you’ve been dealing with discoloration for a long time, or when any other motivating factor comes into play, you may suddenly find yourself very serious about removing stains. This can be a very good thing if you decide to follow through with responsible, safe, and effective treatment! Then again, it can become something that guides your smile toward damage, if you rely on a method that isn’t something our Overland Park, KS team would suggest. It may seem like complicated territory but the truth is: It’s extremely easy to choose a wonderful approach toward a whiter smile. Learn more!

Charcoal Toothpaste? Bad Plan!

You’re probably seeing more and more charcoal products on the market, from toothpaste to dental floss to “whitening treatments.” Of course, we know that you may feel tempted to try them, as they are affordable and come with lots and lots of exciting promises. Unfortunately, the use of charcoal is a bad plan. Remember that charcoal is abrasive, which is one of those things you want to avoid at all costs. Abrasive products can strip not only stains but also the enamel from your teeth! Enamel cannot grow back! It acts as your protective shield, covering each one of your teeth, so you want to protect it. Skip charcoal, even though it may seem like an easy way to achieve a whiter smile.

Brushing Extra Hard: Won’t Work!

Okay, you think to yourself, I’ll avoid charcoal and just brush really hard with my usual, safe toothpaste. Again, we have to suggest you don’t try this either. Your usual daily care certainly offers some protection against serious staining and also helps remove surface pigments. However, when you try to aggressively care for your teeth, you’re not going to arrive at a whiter smile. Instead, you’ll irritate your gums. You’ll contribute (as mentioned) to enamel erosion, too. The stains are deeper, within your tissue, so you cannot brush them away.

OTC Kits: Avoid Them!

Plain and simple, over-the-counter teeth whitening kits will probably damage your oral health. They’re full of potentially damaging ingredients. They don’t offer the gentle yet powerful care you want for stain removal. Avoid them!

Cosmetic Care With Us: Yes!

Ding, ding, ding! This is your answer. When you want a white smile and you want to do it effectively and safely with glowing results, come in for cosmetic care with our team!

Wave Goodbye To Smile Staining

Say your final goodbye to your stained smile, as you welcome in a much brighter, beautiful version of this feature! Learn about cosmetic care with us and how we can safely guide you toward a white grin. To learn more, schedule your consultation by calling Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS, today at 913-381-2600.