Invisalign Treatment: Ways You Didn’t Know It Could Help!

You know that when you say yes to Invisalign treatment, what you’re really saying yes to is aligning a smile that is not as straight as it could be. Do you also realize that this means improving a bite that’s not as balanced as it should be? Of course, the thought of achieving a smile that looks exceptional is something that will put a smile on any patient’s face! With that said, our Overland Park, KS team reminds you that you’re also in for a list of additional benefits, not only for the esthetics of your smile but for your oral health, too, when you choose alignment! Learn more.

Helping You Avoid TMD And Bruxism

You thought that what you were getting out of Invisalign treatment was an exceptionally stellar looking smile? Think again. Remember that there are functional disorders, such as TMJ disorder (TMD) and bruxism disorder. Both are frequently caused or made worse by the existence of misaligned teeth, which promote awkward motions that stress jaw joints or that encourage the frequent movements associated with grinding and clenching. Fortunately, by aligning your smile and improving your bite balance, you can more easily avoid or lessen such concerns.

Making Hygiene Easier And More Effective

A smile that is beautifully aligned doesn’t have any extremely hard-to-reach areas due to overlapping teeth. There aren’t any spaces, either, which trap food. However, as you have likely just realized, a misaligned smile has some issue that may create challenges with dental hygiene (and with maintaining an optimally clean smile throughout the day). Choosing Invisalign treatment shifts teeth, thereby creating a grin that’s easier to protect.

Improving Speaking, Chewing, Etc.

Do you have any problems with using your smile on a daily basis because of an issue with the balance of your bite and the way your teeth are aligned? We remind you that if your teeth on the top and bottom are touching, tapping, grinding against each other, or otherwise with each chewing motion or every time you speak, this is very disruptive! Fortunately, aligning teeth with Invisalign treatment makes for easy, effective function without problems!

Ready For Care? Come In!

If this all sounds lovely to you but you aren’t really sure about whether you qualify for Invisalign treatment, how to get started, or you have additional questions about it, we welcome you in! Call our team soon. Set up a visit with us. Ask questions and find out all about aligning your smile!

Align Your Smile For Oral Health Benefits

Enjoy the many advantages that come with aligning your smile with Invisalign treatment. See us soon for a consultation, if you’re ready to say yes to clear aligner trays, as you also say yes to a healthier, prettier grin! To learn more, schedule your consultation by calling Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS, today at 913-381-2600.