Tips For When To Eat Halloween Candy

You already know that consuming Halloween candy isn’t beneficial for your oral health. You also know that it’s okay to have a fun time, to celebrate, to get into the festivities, and to give yourself room to enjoy sweets every now and again! However, when you’re facing what may end up including piles, bags, or cauldrons full of sugary delights, you may realize you’re not feeling too equipped to proceed in a wise manner that protects your teeth. Of course, the main goal is limiting contact between your smile and sugar. As for some helpful hints that will make this easier, our Overland Park, KS team highlights tips associated with the when of your choices.

Never When You Get Into Bed

We know that this probably comes as no surprise to you if you are serious about your oral health. However, just to be sure: Remember that you should never get into bed with your Halloween candy, enjoy a quick snack, and then go to sleep! That is, unless you rinse and then get up within about a half hour to brush your teeth. In short, enjoy your Halloween candy during the day. Not during bedtime!

Preferably With A Meal

It’s better to bring your Halloween candy to the table during lunch or dinnertime than it is to just eat it by itself. When you eat candy on its own, you’re putting pure sugar into your mouth, which coats your teeth. When you eat candy along with your meal, you’ve already been salivating (which helps rinse teeth) and the additional food you eat helps remove some sugar particles, as well.

Certainly Followed By Water

Definitely do your best to follow your candy eating with a glass of water (or by heading to the restroom to rinse your mouth!). This seems simple but is actually extremely effective at helping you cleanse sugars from your teeth, return your smile to a more neutral pH (in comparison to the acidic one caused by sugar), and to help you avoid cavities!

In One Sitting, Rather Than Through Grazing

When Halloween candy or any other type of sugar-containing food or beverage is being enjoyed, remember that the main concern is how long that item remains in contact with your teeth. Your goal is to keep your smile free of sugar and acids as much as possible. So, it stands to reason that in order to steer clear of oral health problems due to the aforementioned issue, you should try to eat candy in one sitting (rather than grazing on it throughout the day), so teeth do not remain coated.

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